20 Highly Underrated Advantages Of Living Alone Shared In This Online Thread

Published 2 years ago

Living with roommates, partners, or parents can be interesting and fun. It’s nice to have someone around at home but living alone has its own perks too. Think about not answering anyone for creating a mess, and having full control over heat/air conditioning!

Some people dread loneliness or boredom, so they never consider the idea of living alone. But if you ask people who live alone, they might tell you that it’s actually not so bad. In fact, if you look at the advantages, it seems pretty awesome! A Reddit user asked on r/AskReddit, “What is a highly underrated advantage of living alone?”, and people who live alone shared their experiences. Scroll below to read their answers.

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Image source: Jantripp

“You never have to watch terrible movies, wait to use the bathroom or take a shower, you can eat what you want, and you can decorate however you like.”


Image source: whiskey_smoke

“Learning life skills. Paying your bills, cleaning, time management, etc.. You just end up learning these based on experience.”


Image source: JollyOldBogan

“You dont have to tiptoe around the house worried you’ll wake up roommates/family members.”


Image source: klingers

“Every single item in your house is exactly where you left it the last time you used it.”


Image source: JardinSurLeToit

“Total control over heat/air conditioning. Highly underrated. You can have control over your costs and/or your comfort.”


Image source: SquirrelToothAlice

“Everything is your own mess. I don’t want to clean up after someone, and I don’t want to nag someone to clean. Those are all my dishes in the sink to do, or to let sit there for a week. Feels good. Also, ripping a fart you feel super proud of with no shame or holding back.”


Image source: Shadowglove

“There are a lot of advantages but my top is not having to deal with people and their damn problems.”


Image source: West_Bound_Now



Image source: KelLovesOrangeSoda_

“I’m an introvert so when I come home, I want to be by myself. Social situations are draining and I can only re-energize by having alone time. I am not antisocial, but I have hidden in my room for hours for my roommate to leave because I don’t want to answer ‘How was your day?’ for the millionth time.”


Image source: WorldlySquirrel8

“Never having to wait for the bathroom.”


Image source: Lostpurplepen

“If I want to eat blueberry Eggos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, no one judges.”


Image source: WesternCzar

“When you get home, that food you been thinkin about all day long will be there.”


Image source: ohjohnnydisco

“You can walk around with no pants and go to the bathroom with the door open.”


Image source: pingasthrowaway

“Dieting is like 400x easier. I know it’s a bad excuse, but hear me out. When I’m dieting I won’t buy a single junk food item, and I won’t eat it since I won’t have it. Live with someone who buys tons of junk, especially someone who buys food and doesn’t expect you to not eat it, like your parents, and it makes it a lot harder. Yeah I know it’s a bad excuse for breaking diet but it’s super easy for me to just never buy junk food and never have it around but it’s hard for me to avoid it when I’m living with it.”


Image source: CollateralSandwich

“Being able to nap at the drop of a hat and having the peace and quiet to do so.”


Image source: sasquatch989

“Being able to do whatever you want without consulting someone else first.”


Image source: homiesss

“If there’s a mess and no one else sees it, is there even a mess?”


Image source: Vitis_Vinifera

“For many years I lived in a full size (3br 2ba)family house all by myself. Freaking LOVED it. My brother lives with me now but that’s still super cool. Really the best part is simply not having to deal with people.”


Image source: NewClayburn

“Every second is yours. No waste. No waiting on someone else ever. No cleaning up after anyone else. No doing something someone else wants. It’s incredibly efficient, unless you’re dying.”


Image source: supadik,Annie Spratt

“You can talk out loud to yourself (something I do often as I work from home) and nobody is around to think it’s weird.”

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