“Instagram Reality”: This Online Community Exposes The Sad Reality Of Social Media By Sharing Heavily-Edited Photos (20 Pics)

Published 1 year ago

Since it has become easier to manipulate photos with the help of photo editing apps and filters these days, many people try to alter images according to their wishes. However, it is not as easy as it seems. If the details are not edited precisely, your photo may look ridiculous. And yet, many people don’t realize that and post horribly distorted photos on Instagram anyway.

Turns out, there is a Reddit community called r/Instagramreality that shares some of the funniest heavily-edited photos spotted on Instagram. Take a look at some of their hilarious posts in the gallery below. And if you wish to see more such pics, check out our previous articles here and here.

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#1 I Am Afraid

Image source: cricketchubs

#2 Pic She Posts vs. Pic Taken By A Fan

Image source: loginpage

#3 Crypt Keeper Fingers

Image source: mintvinylnirvana

#4 When You Blend So Much Your Teeth Get Blurry

Image source: throwawayaccount8649

#5 I Didn’t Know Quality Protein Powder Could Remove Vital Organs

Image source: srah42

#6 Photo vs. Video

Image source: revenantcake

#7 One From Linkedin, Terrifying

Image source: Come_back_zinc_14

#8 They Even Shopped The Background

Image source: shgrannn

#9 Nice Phone

Image source: WinterPlanet

#10 I Am Genuinely Confused About How Someone Can Edit Their Photos Like This And Think “Yep That Looks Good, I’ll Post It”

Image source: InTheBinIGo

#11 Instagram vs. A Reality Show On TV

Image source: lololmiauw

#12 I Can’t Believe He Edits His Mom As Well, And On The Regular Too!

Image source: RBBEnthusiast

#13 Dating Apps In Vegas Be Like

Image source: digitecca

#14 The Realest Booty You Ever Did Saw

Image source: Witch-MTN-VIII

#15 I Just Don’t Get How Anyone Finishes Editing This And Goes ‘Yep, That’s The Perfect Photo!’

Image source: hazelinside

#16 Abusing The Perspective Tool Gave Her A Terrible Side Effect

Image source: AwarAddendum

#17 Her Entire Instagram Page Is Like This

Image source: shi7863

#18 “Fashion Model” With 225k Followers. Last 2 Slides Is His Face Real Face

Image source: Hardluck-Woman

#19 Small Head Syndrome Strikes Again

Image source: 12mediumSizedDucks

#20 Seriously? This Is Getting Ridiculous. Do People Actually Believe This Bs?

Image source: Morg172

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