20 Instagrammers Who Heavily Photo-Edit Their Pictures Got Shamed By This Online Group (New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

Isn’t it weird that even though it has been proven time and time again that most of the Instagram photos are photoshopped into oblivion, there are still millions of people who want to fit into an idealized image that doesn’t exist in reality? And the chase of achieving these unrealistic looks sometimes leads to some hilarious and overly done photoshops.

People are sharing the worst photoshops they’ve spotted on Instagram to the r/instagramreality subreddit and they’re pretty hilarious. Deceptive filters, fake biceps, and giant feet – see all of the times people were busted for photoshopping their photos in the gallery below. And if you want more, check out our previous posts hereherehere, and here!

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#1 Be You!

Image source: OptionsRMe

#2 A Fairly Popular Local Influencer Recently Made An Appearance On TV. A Lot Of Her Fans Apparently Had Trouble Recognizing Her At First

Image source: SwissMercyMain

#3 Photoshopped Herself Into Oblivion, Grandpa Can Stay Lookin Old Af

Image source: ZeuslovesHer

#4 Skipped Leg Day, Forever

Image source: Douchecanoeistaken

#5 Found In The Wild On Instagram

Image source: olivia-annabelle

#6 Must Be Her Sister In The Car

Image source:  illegalmemesforsale

#7 Unfortunately Did Not Pass Her Photoshop Class Though

Image source: fannywaffles

#8 This Guy Popped Up In My Feed As A Sponsored Story

Image source: Lksarchitecs

#9 A Man, For A Change. Not Sure If Satire Or For Real. Behold, The Wall-Bending Biceps And Butt

Image source: jueoni

#10 This Is Funny And All But It’s Getting Out Of Hand

Image source: stonemilking

#11 Yes, The Giant Feet Syndrome, More And Coomon These Days

Image source: Slow-Werewolf

#12 We’ve Seen Tiny Heads…now Get Ready For Giant Feet!

Image source: meep_meep_merp

#13 Legs For Dayyyyys

Image source: orange-basilikum

#14 When The Very Thing You Rely On Betrays You Lol

Image source: Fvcknloner

#15 Organs Are For The Weak!

Image source: cutest_corpse

#16 The Face!!! And This Was A Sponsored Post

Image source: thehappilydepressed

#17 And The Knees?

Image source: Latraviata92

#18 Reminder: This Is Not How These Women Look In Real Life

Image source: jassicassi

#19 Internal Organs? Never Heard Of Them

Image source:  look4alec

#20 Reminds Me Of That Scene In Beetlejuice (Little Head)

Image source: ZoIpidem

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