25 Food Options Picky Eaters Outside The US Choose To Consume

Published 5 months ago

Do you know someone who is a picky eater? They might have a tendency to eat only a small variety and quantity of foods and avoid many foods based on their texture, appearance, smell, or mixed ingredients. This can lead to low nutrient and dietary fibre intakes, which can be harmful to health. But, parents can play a protective role by providing fresh foods and modelling healthy eating habits. It’s common for young children to be picky eaters, but even adults can be fussy about food.

In fact, there are picky eaters in different countries who have their own unique preferences. They may not like certain foods that are common in the US, but they might enjoy other foods that are not typically eaten there. Scroll below to check out what suggestions folks shared when one Redditor asked online, “What do picky eaters outside the US eat?”

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#1 I feel like in Germany a lot of picky eaters just eat plain noddles. Maybe with some butter.

Image source: chickynuggiesx3, montatip lilitsanong

#2 I grew up a picky eater in Pakistan. I ate a lot of bread. Roti with butter and sugar, plain naan, plain white rice, chicken from our saalans but removed from the bones, just the gravy from our saalans. And this one isn’t me personally, but I know a toddler who will eat an obscene amount of yogurt as her dietary staple

Image source: sunlightbender, Magda Ehlers

#3 I’d argue that chicken nuggets, fries or pizza are staples in many countries outside the US. When I was a child (in France) the go to food for picky eaters would have been elbow pasta and ham (coquillettes jambon IFYKYK) or simple mash potatoes

Image source: Aggressive_Art_344, Karolina Kołodziejczak

#4 My kid loves avocado, pasta, and cheese mostly.

Image source: Wayne_Kerr_96, Gil Ndjouwou

#5 I had a friend in asia that would literally only eat rice with soy sauce. That was it.

Image source: Motor-Locksmith9297, Pille R. Priske

#6 This answer will be different for every picky eater. But I can give you mine. And I grew up in Norway, not in the United States.

Image source: CuriosTiger, Vegan Liftz

I grew up in Norway. I do not eat potatoes. I do not eat cooked vegetables. It’s a texture thing for me, and that picky eating has stuck with me from when I started eating solid food until the present. Even as an adult, I cannot bring myself to eat mushy veggies or potatoes, no matter how awkward the social situation that results. (For context, I’m 47.)

In my case, I ate raw vegetables instead. No potatoes, and there were a few other vegetables I didn’t like, even in raw form. Onions, for example, or brussel sprouts. But most raw vegetables were fine for me. So my mom would make me a salad, or even just a bowl of raw veggies. Even things like green beans and sliced rutabaga, cauliflower or broccoli; the kinds of veggies that are typically not eaten raw.

I guess you could say that as a toddler in Norway in the 1970s, I made my own “raw food” diet decades before it became trendy. And that’s still how I eat vegetables to this day.

#7 My grandson doesn’t get fast or junk food. His favorite thing to eat is tofu. Plain raw tofu.

Image source: LifeHappenzEvryMomnt, Polina Tankilevitch

#8 My best friend is American but when she was little she went to Poland with her grandparents that were born there…and hated all the food. The only thing she’d eat were pierogis so she existed on them for the entire visit.

Image source: GraveDancer40, Eugen Kucheruk

#9 There’s processed food and junk outside of the US too, I know ramen noodles is a big one. Living conditions can also be a factor so they’ll have to eat whatever is being cooked at home.

Image source: DetroitTrap313, Jie Wang

#10 Brazilian here. Was a picky eater. Spaghetti is the way to go.

Image source: Friendly_Exchange_15, Lisa Fotios

#11 In the UK the standard ‘bland’ kid’s menu staples also include chicken nuggets and pizza. Also fish fingers, sausage and mash, macaroni cheese, cheese sandwich.

Image source: TeamOfPups, Brett Jordan

#12 New Zealander here, picky eaters here eat fish and chips and peanut butter toast ?

Image source: According-News-5901, Meelan Bawjee

#13 I’m from Albania (think the Mediterranean). I was a very picky eater as a kid. I only ate bread, olive oil and olives lol. To this day those are some of my favorite things to eat but I also eat other stuff lol

Image source: Perfect_Tradition959, blackieshoot

#14 Finnish food is very bland, so a ton of potatoes. Smashed potatoes especially are very good and neutral, hard to hate it.

Image source: Lanky_Region_4321, Parnis Azimi

#15 My ex: white rice with sour cream. White bread with butter and cheese. Cheese pizza

Image source: anamariapapagalla, Dids


Image source: SnooPets8873, Krisztina Papp

I have a cousin in India who only eats eggs if the yolk is perfectly basted but not popped and it has to be close to centered. Aside from that, he eats chips, candy, no vegetables and white rice with really basic ground meat cooked with garlic/ginger, turmeric, green chili and no visible onions. If he gets a noticeable piece of onion he gets angry that the cook didn’t cut them smaller.

Another family friend only eats food if you give him ketchup with it. Like he will eat biryani with freaking ketchup. No ketchup? Not eating unless he is risking really offending someone. And that’s a grown adult btw. I babysat his kids when they were staying in the states.

#17 We’re south Indian and my sister was an extremely picky eater as a child. She would only eat rice with yogurt.

Image source: atwistedhead, Mgg Vitchakorn

#18 I live in the US. Alaska to be specific. My kid is a picky eater. They used to be diagnosed with ARFID back when they were 4. They’re 12 now.

They hate macaroni and cheese, ketchup, most kinds of potato, pizza if it has too much sauce. They don’t like soup/stew but they will eat ramen or udon

They *love* mustard, they also eat seaweed, whole fried fish (especially the eyeballs), barbecue sauce, musubi, they recently started eating grilled cheese, they like salmon. They like clams, sushi, sashimi. I’m sure I’m forgetting things.

So while my kid is a picky eater, they are not a *basic* eater. Sometimes I wish I could open a box of Kraft.

The only vegetable they will touch is raw carrots and it takes like an hour to get them to chew them. (Edit to add they will eat edamame)

They can do grapes and maybe bananas.

Image source: AliceInNegaland

#19 Rice pilaf and köfte

Image source: major130

#20 Australia. Nephew grew up on prawn chips & tomato sauce. We (family) wonder how he fully formed!?!?

Image source: Dollbeau, Seb Reivers

#21 We live in New Zealand and my kids does love those foods too, but her favourite is honestly just plain pasta with grated cheese (usually Colby, which we get here in 1kg blocks) and a side of cucumber and carrot. Definitely not the worst meal she could have, so I consider it a win :) her palate is generally pretty bland. Strangely though, she loves pork and chive dumplings/potstickers.

Image source: purplemacaroni, Alexandra Tran

#22 Picky eaters in Denmark will often live on rye bread with liver paste/paté. Pasta is also a favorite. Other kid favorites here are meatballs (frikadeller), boiled meatballs in curry sauce, spaghetti bolognese, pizza and lasagna. Fried, battered fish with remoulade is popular too.

Image source: signequanon, Emiliano Vittoriosi

#23 Adriatic; bolognese, pasta pomodoro, wiener schnitzel (where I’m at). Those three are basically staples, but there’s also I guess what’s comparable to chicken nuggets would be the homemade version? Just breaded and fried chicken breast will do the trick for most picky eaters here. French fries as well.

Image source: sickandtiredkit, Nerfee Mirandilla

#24 When I was an kid in Denmark it was frikadella or fish fingers with remoulade and open faced liver pate sandwiches. Some of my other favorites were chocolate sandwiches and mackeral in tomato sandwiches with cucumber slices! Also just cucumber slices and soft boiled eggs in a dish with some salt on top.

Image source: galacticcatreddit, Haseeb Modi

#25 I lived in Korea for a bit (from the US), and a picky eater common food was rice with soy sauce (or plain). Sometimes tteokbokki, but it’s a bit spicy so if it was just the noodles without the sauce that would make more sense. They also have a kind of chicken nugget.

Image source: MidnightArticuno, Faris Mohammed

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