Everyone Is Laughing At This Hilarious Puppy Growth Chart

Published 6 years ago

Some people keep track of their pets’ growth by taking their paw prints, some – by comparing them to the size of their favorite squeaky toy, and some let their pets get snuggled up in the gusset of their underpants and see for how long they will fit in there.

The last one sounds quite unusual, but that is exactly what Imgur user rayzer12 did with his Labrador Axl. He snapped the first picture of the pup resting between his feet when the cute ball of fur was only 7.5 weeks old. For the next few months after that, the spot has become Axl’s favorite, and he enjoyed it up until he outgrew his owner’s pants.

Scroll down below to see the uniquely documented transformation of the adorable puppy.


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“Axl, about 5 days after we took him home (7.5 weeks). His full name is Axl Riley, Axl was born on 9/11 so his middle name is in tribute to one of the many rescue dogs that worked at ground zero”

“He always followed me into the bathroom. Here he is at 8.5 weeks”

“9 & 1/2 weeks (The puppy, not the movie)”

“10 weeks”

“10.5 weeks”

“11.5 weeks”

“12 weeks, they grow so fast”

“12.5 weeks”

“13 weeks”

“13.5 weeks”

“14 weeks”

“14.5 weeks Merry Christmas!”

“15.5 weeks”

“17 weeks”

“19 weeks”

“20 weeks”

“1 year old”


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