30 Strange And Surprising Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know

Published 8 months ago

The internet has become a treasure trove of information, connecting people from all walks of life and allowing them to share their knowledge and experiences. One fascinating corner of Reddit is dedicated to the discussion of “weird facts“.  These facts, often obscure and offbeat, spark curiosity and ignite conversations.

So, let’s dive into this online thread where users are sharing some of the most bizarre and fascinating facts they’ve come across. Check out some of the most fascinating responses below.

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Image source: red_phoenix1204, cottonbro studio

When you get a tattoo laser removal, you pee out the ink particles.


Image source: TrueGrittt90, Pixabay

There’s no maximum length to a train, you just add another engine.


Image source: A_random_redditor–, v2osk

You can duplicate your liver.


A liver consists of two distinct lobes. When doctors perform a transplant from living patient, they remove half the donor’s liver and give it to the recipient. Eventually, both patients regrow their missing half of a liver.


Image source: Strange_Stage1311, Somchai Kongkamsri

Some military helicopters on aircraft carriers are made of magnesium and should they catch fire it’s literally impossible to put them out as the magnesium will take the oxygen from the water and use that to keep burning. So the only thing that can be done is to push them overboard and even as they sink they will continue to burn until the magnesium is completely burned up.


Image source: Plane-Vacation-1228, NOAA

Manatees control their buoyancy by farting. Toot toot floaty sea cow.


Image source: ATalkingDoubleBarrel, wikipedia.org

The island of Java has more people than the entirety of Russia. Despite being 170 times smaller in size.


Image source: Outrageous-Fun-7711, Picas Joe

Cockroaches will be able to smell when another cockroach dies. If you ever see one in your home, 1) obviously there’s more, but 2) they will come out in droves to look for the dead roach. They don’t “starve out” like mice or weevils, they cannibalize.

We had a roach problem for a bit, we couldn’t afford pest control so I had to handle this s**t myself LMAO certified roach annihilator here.


Image source: ___RAVEN____, Salmen Bejaoui

For every human being there are about 2.5 million ants in the world, so if the ants one day spontaneously decide to attack us humans about 90% or more of the world’s population would die.

There are about 20 quadrillion ants in the world.


Image source: Batmans-dragon80, National_symbols_of_Scotland

The national animal of Scotland is a Unicorn.


Image source: MrSatanachia, Nothing Ahead

Australia is wider than the moon.


Image source: Ltimbo, Ben Seymour

By the time the Aztec empire was founded, Oxford University was as old as the United States is today.


Image source: Guerrilla-5-Oh, n.karim

McDonald’s holds a specific contract to get their Coca Cola syrup in a metal vat vs plastic bags which makes McDonald’s taste better.


Image source: TheAbyssGazesAlso, Nandhu Kumar

Some tribes of ancient people used to tie up a goat, whisper their sins to it, then allow it to “accidentally” escape so it would carry their sins away and thus resolve them of guilt.

It was, literally, their “escape goat” and that’s where the term scapegoat comes from.


Image source: Sandpaper_Pants, wikipedia.or

Horny toads can squirt blood from their eyes up to 30 feet.


Image source: floggingcooper, PhotoMIX Company

The longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds.


Image source: Norwegianxrp, Pixabay

Crabs have a muscle that enables them to release their claw if they have to.


Image source: sirkeladryofmindelan, MART PRODUCTION

No person born blind has ever developed schizophrenia.


Image source: TonyaHardon, Venkat Ragavan

Elephant penises are prehensile and can move on their own like trunks (I.e. to scratch their belly or as an extra support leg on uneven terrain).


Image source: Tesseracktt, Aleksandr Slobodianyk

There are more Hydrogen atoms in a spoon of water than there are spoons of water on earth.


Image source: Weird-Traditional, Dids

Frederick Bauer (the guy who invented Pringles) had his ashes buried in a Pringles can.


Image source: Sgt-Swag, Richie_J21

A Buttload is an actual unit of measurement for about 126 gallons of wine.


Image source: Angryleghairs, Egor Kamelev

Spiders purr.


Image source: Weird_Lock_3347, Lisa Fotios

Raspberries are not berries but watermelons are. This was a life altering useless fact to me. Mind blown….


Image source: Jessi_L_1324, Andre Moura

That dead ants produce a pheromone that alerts the other ants that they need to move them to the ant graveyard. If a drop of this pheromone is placed on a live ant, it will take itself to the graveyard and stay there until the pheromone dissipates.


Image source: Illustrious_Hawk_734, Andrea Piacquadio

The fear of long words is called hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia.


Opossums are immune to rabies. Immune in the sense that their core body temperature is too low for the virus to live and multiply in their nervous system. They can be bitten and “infected” with the virus, but it won’t survive in the animal long enough for it to take hold and make them rabid. They also love to eat ticks, mosquitoes(especially mosquito larvae), and even garden slugs and snails. All the general bugs that we consider pests, they happily eat. They may be ugly as sin, but having one regularly visit your yard at night keeps away the real pests. If you live in a more metropolitan area, then their mere presence at night will generally also keep raccoons away, since it would be easier for a racoon to simply walk across the street or a few houses down instead of worrying about dealing with another nocturnal scavenger. Opossums are a mutant rat looking blessing in disguise. They’re also not hostile to humans at all, unlike raccoons.

Source: Mr_Wizard91


More Iraq veterans have died by their own hand than that of the enemy. This is America.

Source: your-mother1452


Without mucus, your stomach would digest itself.

Source: MattMan2k17


Dragonflies are the most efficient killers on the planet with a 98% kill rate.

Source: chevy1500


If you have a d*ck and you take a pregnancy test and it comes out positive, you might have testicular cancer.

Source: BlstcBaron

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