20 Times People Shared Photos That Looked Like They Came From A Video Game

Published 11 months ago

All gamers and adventurers, assemble! We’ve discovered a treasure trove of real-life pictures that might just make you do a double-take and question if you’ve stepped into a video game.

The subreddit called ‘Item Shop‘ is here to level up your imagination as we present some of its mind-boggling photos that are straight out of a gamer’s head. According to its description, the subreddit asks people to post “things that look like items from RPGs and other video games. Weapons, armor, accessories, etc. Include stats!” Now, you know what we are talking about! Check out some of their posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Useless Man- Literally Does Nothing. Just A Waste Of An Inventory Slot

Image source: KirbyatYT

#2 Rainbow Scraf +100 Homo And +100 Swag

Image source: Adviseddavallia

#3 Iron Food: +50 Pain -999 Regret

Image source: vitos27

#4 God Gone: +100 Attack On Astral Beings

Image source: Berenthegrizzly

#5 Vodquila : Upon Consumption, Forget All Learned Skills And Reset Your Character Points. Gain A Drowsy Effect For 3days

Image source: LootGodamn

#6 Robot Vacuum Clear. 86 Point Blank Aoe Smashing Damage

Image source: KittyShadowshard

#7 Tool Gun-Sold With Phys Gun

Image source: Succer11

#8 The Armoured Duck A Pet Item 100 Def 10% More Damage To Duck Type Enemies And He Looks Cute

Image source: reddit.com

#9 Brass Cannon (Can Only Be Equipped By Level 20+ Bards)

Image source: gadonj18

#10 Looting +50 Damage 84

Image source: mbpinktaco

#11 Harambe Shaped Cheeto | Rare Item | Will Provide “Turn Into Gorilla” Buff For 5 Minutes

Image source: Time_God69

#12 Battle Dog – +50 Armor Value, Applies 15 Bleed/Second When Attacked, +20 Intimidation, +10 Style

Image source: andrewm_99

#13 Loudencer: +15 Atk, Inflicts “Deafness” Effect To All Nearby Enemies

Image source: DClassAmogus

#14 Sacred Mask: Grants Immunity To Poison, Necrotic Damage, And All Dark Magic

Image source: Psycho3333

#15 Chain Mail Suit +100 Defense And Charm

Image source: folyamirock

#16 Armor Of The Traffic Cone: Negates Bludgeoning Damage And Causes Charging Enemies To Reroute To One Side To Avoid You. Full Body Slot

Image source: reddit.com

#17 Last Resort Sign: +25 Stealth +20 Max Dmg Takes Up 3 Inventory Slots

Image source: AydinDDT2009

#18 Dollar Store: -1 Soda, For +$1

Image source: Reddit_Crab

#19 Penguins In Pullovers. Companions. With Their Cuteness, They Attract The Attention Of The Enemy And Thus Help Their Owner In The Fight

Image source: Kicsi_Joe

#20 Crystallized Book | Allows The User To Cast 4 Unique Spells | Spell 1-Crystal Storm: Allows The User To Cast A Storm Of Sharp Crystals Dealing 45 Dmg Per Second | Spell 2-Crystal Bubble: Casts A Crystal Bubble To Shield The User For 10 Seconds And Heals 10 Hp Per Second | The Other 2 Are Below

Image source: average-arsonist

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