20 ‘Expectation Vs. Reality’ Instances That Show Reality Is Not Always Disappointing

Published 9 months ago

‘Expectation Vs. Reality’ posts have become a popular trend these days. From DIY projects to online shopping fails, people love to share their anticipated outcomes side by side with the actual results. While many of those posts highlight that reality is way more disappointing than expectations, there are some instances where reality actually surpasses expectations.

Today, we have compiled a list of 20 instances where reality turned out to be far better than anticipated, reminding us that sometimes life has a way of pleasantly surprising us. Check out the wholesome posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Good Job, Momma. We Weren’t Expecting 3

Image source: scubasmac

#2 I’ve Never Been Disappointed By A Menu Photo In Thailand. If Anything, I Think The Reality Is Even Better

Image source: vezance

#3 The Cake I Found On Pintrest vs. The One My Friend Was Able To Make

Image source: screaming-rabbit

#4 My Sketch Of A Cake I Wanted To Make vs. The Reality. Pretty Damn Proud. My Best Cake To Date (Everything Is Handmade By Myself)

Image source: mathwifey

#5 A Cake I Did Today. My Work Is On The Right

Image source: dazablue

#6 My Second Embroidery Project! I Think I Was Fairly Close

Image source: LadyAbyssDragon

#7 Got The Rare Dark Chocolate With Granola Bar Flavor

Image source: FromTheNetherlents

#8 Gamestop Sent Me 4 Controllers Instead Of Just The 1 I Ordered

Image source: SpideyPoolForever

#9 Birthday Pupcakes

Image source: sookpit

#10 Tried To Copy This Cake And I’m Pretty Happy With How It Turned Out

Image source: Yam21

#11 Followed Chelsweets (Left) And Mine (Right)

Image source: Mjrfrankburns

#12 My Husband Made His First Cake (Right) For Our Son’s First Birthday. I’m Impressed

Image source: _cuquita

#13 I Stabbed Something A Million Times

Image source: bunnome

#14 Cake For My Wife’s Birthday From A Local Pastry Shop (It’s A Simpsons Joke)

Image source: kicker58

#15 I’m Impressed

Image source: Oregongirl1018

I was looking for custom cookies for a party. I found a lady on Facebook who has a cookie business out of her townhouse. I sent her this picture of what I wanted, and she delivered! They tasted amazing too!

#16 Homemade Strawberry Chocolate Tart: Expectation Value Reality

Image source: autoradio

#17 The Recipe And The Result

Image source: pannecouck

#18 Tried Out A Coffee Bean Cookie Recipe, Pleasantly Surprised By The Results

Image source: Meitachi

#19 My Attempt At Pigs In A Mud Bath

Image source: wjfreeman

#20 This Is My First Time Buying A 2-Piece In 35 Years And I Did Not Expect To Look Better Than Adobe Photoshop

Image source: Chef4disney

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