20 Wholesome Facts To Make You Smile

Published 1 year ago

Sometimes, we need to know that there is still some positivity and wholesomeness left in the world. After all, positive facts can instantly uplift our moods.

Thus, we have scoured through this Reddit thread and created this list of 20 heartwarming trivia to make you smile. Scroll below to check out some of the most wholesome facts.

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Image source: FewEquall, Olivija_photos

The number of public libraries in the US is far greater than the number of McDonald’s.


Image source: zerbey, katrinasid

Dogs will modify their play with puppies to let the puppy win. My dog treats our cat like a puppy and will lay on his side only using his front paws to “defend” himself. He usually lets the cat win and then she struts around. It’s adorable.


Image source: Portarossa, halfpoint

Whenever you see something go wrong in the world — either a natural disaster, an accident, or a man-made crisis — it’s very easy to focus on the negatives. The tremendous loss of life. The monsters who thought an act of terrorism would help their cause. The mismanagement that made things worse. The people looting and profiteering from other people’s misery. It’s easy to get disparaged and see only the worst of humanity.

But there are always, *always* people going out of their way to help their fellow man. The people who ran into the towers on 9/11 to ensure that as many people as possible got out. The people who hid Jews from the Nazis during the Holocaust. The Choctaw Nation Americans who sent a donation to Ireland in the wake of the potato famine in order to help in any way they could. People queuing up to donate blood in the wake of a mass shooting or other natural disaster. People who try their absolute level best to change the systems that led to these problems in the first place, throwing everything they can into protests and political action to try and make the world a better place. These actions are almost always done not for glory or rfor personal profit, but because it’s the right thing to do. And it happens everywhere, every time, in every country around the globe.


Image source: bisk0ot, Telegraph

A train station in Japan had plans to close but noticed a student was the only one using it. They decided to close when she graduates from high school.


Image source: darkLordSantaClaus, Threetails05

The last time Lichtenstein went to war they sent out 80 men and returned with 81 because the soldiers made a friend.


Image source: eternalrefuge86, YuriArcursPeopleimages

Children who are deaf, and raised by deaf parents will sign repetitive sounds and words at about the same rate hearing babies acquire language. Deaf babies basically sign goo-goo ga-ga the same way hearing children babble when developing language.


Image source: zahaaaa, olgar23

Somewhere in the world someone is recovering from depression.


Image source: tragicalmysterytour, Eva Rinaldi

This will probably be buried, I don’t think you guys would think it’s super wholesome but to me it is. When Ringo left the Beatles during the White Album sessions, the Beatles wrote him a letter, telling him to come back and even calling him the best drummer in the world. And, when he came back, George Harrison decorated his drum set in flowers. I think its sweet because even though tensions were high in the studio, you can see that they cared about each other.


Image source: PinkFlamingoAlex, stokkete

When your body does that weird-falling-thingy when going to sleep it’s because your body is not sure if you are dying or falling asleep and gives you an adrenaline boost just in case. Something about it makes me feel great.


Image source: anon, LightFieldStudios

Looking into your dog’s eyes produces the same brain chemicals for you and the dog that mother’s feel when they stare at their babies.

Edit: And I’m pretty sure they’re the only (or one of few) animals we have this connection with.


Image source: Jetztinberlin, gstockstudio

People in long-term relationships (whether romantic, friendly or professional) subcobsciously form a macroorganism together. Your brains work together to determine each other’s strengths and assign tasks accordingly to become a more efficient and tightly bonded functioning unit, where your skills are maximized and you can save effort on the stuff your partner kicks a*s at. You share a joint superbrain.


Image source: anon, Josiah Sanchez

– Bob Ross would receive letters every week from his regular viewers. When a regular would stop writing to him, he would call them and make sure they’re ok.

– Bob Ross also once got a letter from a colorblind viewer who said they can’t paint due to their colorblindness. He then did an episode where he made a painting entirely out of gray colors to prove that anyone can paint.

– Mr. Rogers hand-wrote letters back to everyone who wrote to him.


Image source: vapera, Pressmaster

Your body’s immune system will fight to the death for you no matter what you do.You can smoke,drink and do drugs but your immune system will keep up with all of that without complaint.I like to think that whenever i feel no one likes me.


Image source: Wide_Ocelot, marisap7

I’ve got a pair of cardinals that come to the feeder every day. I noticed that sometimes the male feeds the female. The female quickly shakes her tail feathers and the male responds by picking up a seed in his beak and feeding it to the female. I learned that this is part of their mating behavior. It allows the male to “practice” feeding because he’ll have to fill in for the female when she occasionally leaves the nest with the hatchlings in it. Plus it’s just adorable.


Image source: becceroni_loves, hokietim

Cows have best friends and when paired together, their heart rates are significantly lower and they experience less stress overall <3


Image source: Naweezy, Carol VanHook

In Germany, they have these “frog fences”. These fences keep the frogs from crossing the roads and getting run over. At the end of the day somebody comes by and gathers the frogs and helps them cross the road.


Image source: Naweezy, Nikolaydonetsk

The Netherlands sends Canada 20,000 tulip bulbs every year to thank them for their help during WWII.


Image source: Bagpuss45, oneinchpunchphotos

In New Zealand, if you need to call the Emergency Services you can just ring the number you would use in your own country and you will get through… 911/111/999… it is so that in a situation when you are panicking, you dont need to remember a new number to get help.


Image source: FrogginBullfish_, ADDICTIVE_STOCK

Penguins spend a lot of time looking for a pebble to give to another penguin to propose. If the other penguin accepts it, they mate for life.


Image source: CommercialMain7, seventyfourimages

In Amsterdam, if someone has no next of kin or close family and dies, then a poet will be asked to read at their funeral.

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