“Choosing Beggars” Online Community Shames These 20 Beggars Trying To Be Choosy

Published 2 years ago

There are many ways to show your appreciation to people who do you favors. You can tip the waiter who served you in the restaurant today. You can pay the artist whom you asked to draw you a picture or compose you a song. You can also pay a professional photographer for your big event!

While that seems to be so straightforward, these people featured in the Choosing Beggars subreddit don’t seem to get it. These people find it hard to understand that people put time and skill into their craft and are worthy of some financial compensation. Below, we gathered 20 examples of beggars who became choosy and bargained unreasonably, ranging from “free exposure” to very demanding application requirements!

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#1 My Sister-In-Law Has Had Enough Of The Exposure Clientele

Image source: Poverty123

#2 “I Believe My Idea Will Work”

Image source: Pumpkin-juiceYT

#3 Wants To Pay $50 For Completely Handmade Robe

Image source: seawatersiren

#4 $10 For A Mobile Haircut

Image source: Independent_Shape353

#5 I’d Love To Watch Your Dog For Like $2 An Hour!

Image source: Retard_Alert92

#6 Hahahaha No

Image source: Meme_God_64

#7 Pay Me $700/Month To Be My Caretaker And Handyman

Image source: Ok-Pomegranate-6189

#8 The Guy In The Comment Section Gets It

Image source: ScarletDarling3

#9 Don’t Even Bother Giving Me $100

Image source: TheMemeDetective

#10 Twitter Art Commissioner Gets His First Choosing Beggar

Image source: EvilLucas

#11 The Sense Of Entitlement Is Strong Here, Even With A Significant Portion Of Their Expenses Paid For By Family

Image source: at626

#12 Customer Is Upset That A Mattress Store Won’t… Help Them Move…?

Image source: douchebaggery__

#13 Free Suv, Not Old, Low Mileage, Good On Gas

Image source: rredorr

#14 Too Good For The Food Bank, Whilst Begging For Groceries

Image source: pinktigerbabe

#15 Waaahhh I Didn’t Get A Less Than $2 Discount At An Already Fairly Priced Diner

Image source: davetheweeb

#16 Please Make Sure It’s In Good Condition Also

Image source: reddit.com

#17 Entry Level Job. You Only Need To Have 10-15 Years Of Experience!

Image source: koshiro888

#18 It’s Fun To See Them Get This Kind Of Attention Once In A While

Image source: MattPieti

#19 Super Roomy Bathroom??!!

Image source: Paradigmfusion

#20 Make Me Milk, Deliver It To Me Consistently, And Make Sure You Don’t Have That Vaccine

Image source: Ok_Crazy1408

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