Members Of This Online Community Share The Most Absurd Bargains They Ever Encountered, Here Are The Worst 20

Published 2 years ago

Halloween’s kind of done at this point. Do you know what’s next after Halloween? Christmas! And we have more than a month to prepare. We have more than a month to buy gifts, food, and maybe, decorate! We just hope you won’t ruin Christmas just like some of these folks below did.

Today, we’ll head over to the Choosing Beggars subreddit, the place where people bargain for unreasonable amounts. Below, we’ll particularly see some parents trying to pitch some gifts for their children for free, but when they failed, they would rant their way and claim they ruined a Christmas or a birthday. Scroll down to see our collection of 20 such absurd parents that would make you facepalm!

We covered the community multiple times before. See our previous articles here, here, and here!

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#1 This Choosing Entitled Parent Wantz Zoo Staff To W*nk Of An Elephant.. An Actual Elephant!… So Her Child Doesn’t Ask Questions

Image source: targetsbots

#2 Not Mine But Op’s Mom Is Freaking Out Her Because She Switched Jobs And Doesn’t Have A Cell Discount Anymore

Image source: VoschNickson

#3 I Didn’t Know Having Kids Gives You A Discount

Image source: TheDoctorGomez

#4 My Kids Won’t Let Me Sleep…. Send Me A Phone

Image source: Former_Coffee

#5 Selling An $800 Drone With Accessories For $400 To Get A Little Christmas Money. Then This Parent Of The Year Shows Up

Image source: schmoogina

#6 My Stepmom Won Some Money From The Lottery Last Night, This Is What My Dad Had To Say

Image source: drolrats

#7 Karen Thinks She’s Entitled For A Ride For Her And Her 4 Kids Cause She’s A Military Spouse

Image source: firststone27

#8 Choosing Beggar, Girlfriends Dad. (Brother And I Both Own Second Hand Shops)

Image source: Clay3476

#9 Selling A Used Imac For 1200$, Woman Asks “How Low” I Would Sell It For, Or If I’d Take 800 And Some Jewelry She Makes. Oh And I Also Ruined Christmas

Image source: Vindictive_Barista

#10 Entitled Parents Attending A $30,000 A Year Private School Demand Free Food For Their Son Attending A Tutoring Centre

Image source: lightgeschwindigkeit

#11 Apparently I Ruined Someone’s Christmas?

Image source: mcalel_

#12 “My Kid Hasn’t Eaten Since Yesterday”

Image source: megoon-

#13 This Lady In My Local Mom Group Wanting A Room Painted In Exchange For Advertising On Said Mom’s Group Page

Image source:

#14 Anti-Vax Dog Mom Looking For A Groomer

Image source: Ross1648

#15 “I’m A Single Mom. Let Me Buy This For 15% Of Your Asking Price!”

Image source: IronWurmple

#16 Cb Tries To Use Their Kid As An Excuse To Get A Supreme Shirt For Super Cheap

Image source: Rylanbrit10

#17 Mom Calling Her Kid’s School And Tries To Have The School Nurse Diagnose And Treat Her Lady Parts Over The Phone

Image source: tb1649

#18 Parents Using Their Child As A Scapegoat To Get A Lizard They Can’t Afford

Image source: BvbblegvmBitch

#19 Purple Is Looking For Free Christmas Gifts For Her Infant- But Suggestions Are “Not Worth It”

Image source: neversaynoto-panda

#20 My Boyfriend Bought My Mom A Diet Coke, This Is What My Dad Had To Say

Image source: urimisu

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