20 Common Things That Only The Privileged Can Now Afford

Published 2 years ago

As we all know, inflation burns the value of our money. You can’t expect that the money you have right now, will be able to buy the exact same amount of things in the years to come. As time passes, the prices of everything change, and most of the time, the change is upward.

In an Ask Reddit thread, the user sweet_chick283 asked the community if they happened to know anything that used to be common but due to the current circumstances, has now become a thing only the privileged could afford. The community shared 20 of such things, and it will show how sad and reeling the effects of inflation can be.

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Peace and quiet.

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Higher Education

College tuition prices are a lot higher today.


Feeling safe in school.

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Things built to last. Back in the day everything made was built to last. It was cheap too. Then people found plastic…


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Retirement strategy built-in to your job.


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Owning a home


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In America, we used to have starter homes. A home so cheap a single young person’s salary could move him in.


Having a roof over your head and affording food without having a roommate or burning yourself out with three jobs

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The right to a legal and safe abortion, apparently

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A single-income household that owns a home, a car, and can go on yearly family vacations


Last week I would have said turning my heating on.

This week it’s having a government that doesn’t crash our currency and almost cause a pensions wipe-out within their first seven working days in power.

Who knows what next week will bring? Tune in for more hijinks from the self-styled party of economic competence.

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Eating healthy


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Uninterrupted videos


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Having a reachable, reliable doctor that doesn’t make you feel like you’re wasting their time.


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Being able to spend $100 at the grocery store and leaving with a cart of food


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Products without a monthly subscription


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Being able to pay living expenses and have money left over


Image source: mykeuk, Mike Bonitz

In the UK, heating our homes for the winter. Energy prices have become unaffordable.


Leg room on a plane

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