20 Times People Posted Something So Embarrassing, It Could Only Be Described As ‘Sad Cringe’ (New Pics)

Published 2 years ago

Have you ever looked at someone and seen how they didn’t feel any shame in what they were doing? However, it appeared that all the shame was passed on to you, the observer. Well, that, my friend, is called the feeling of cringe – that shame you feel for someone who couldn’t feel it from their actions.

But we, humans, can feel mixed emotions as well. We can both feel sad and happy at the same time, or angry and sad at the time. And absolutely, we can feel sad and cringe together as well! Presenting the Sad Cringe subreddit, the gallery of the saddest and shameless takes from the Internet’s cringiest netizens! Scroll below to see 20 screenshots that would make you scream and cry inside!

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#1 He Just Wants A Dominant GF, But He’s Too Alpha

Image source: 19Cula87

#2 Dude, Take The Hint

Image source: Throwaway-0364

#3 Unexpected Ending ?

Image source: emptax

#4 A Beautiful Romance

Image source: Moviemanyadig

#5 Three Years

Image source: jackothereturned

#6 Wife Wants A Sperm Donor Because Husband Is Too Short

Image source: DDsLaboratory

#7 Man Pays To Get Cheat On

Image source: Alternative-Elk4003

#8 “It Still Even Has Smell


Image source: TheRealTayler

#9 F’s In The Chat For Poor Jeremy

Image source: uberfacts

#10 Over-Compensating

Image source: Fearless-Purpose-133

#11 Time To Rock Your World!

Image source: EmPenguin884

#12 I Feel Pain

Image source: brocros

#13 This Is From A Meme Group I’m In. We’re All There To Share And Laugh And This Guy Shows Up

Image source: Mojo-Jojo-6285

#14 My Friends Daughter Just Died … Giveaway Time!!

Image source: expertlycore541

#15 Yeah No S**t

Image source: CptMatt_theTrashCat

#16 Man Tries To Get Two Lesbians To Marry Him And His Homie

Image source: itzirenebae

#17 Any Other Caption And I Wouldn’t Have Thought This Was A Sad Cringe Moment

Image source: ggboi7367890002

#18 From A Friend Of Mine

Image source: Deep_Significance936

#19 Ouch

Image source: Vermille

#20 I Just Don’t Really Know What To Say About This One

Image source: throwawaydddsssaaa

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