30 Best Examples of “Stupid Tax”: Subtle Extra Charges For Those Who Don’t Think Wisely Before Paying

Published 2 years ago

Taxes are something that you pay for your contribution to society. Usually, your taxes come from your income or the things you buy, and the amount deducted from you goes to some developmental projects. If you don’t like how that sounds, just think of your taxes as your payment to your country to make things better.

However, there may be one kind of tax that you may not have heard of. It’s called the “stupid tax” – the tax you pay for being stupid. Below, we present 30 examples of this that show that if you don’t think well before you make a purchase, you might end up paying more than everybody else!

Maybe you’ll feel like you’ve dodged some scams after seeing these. You may want to check out some real-life scams next.

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#1 The Ultimate Stupid Tax

Image source: Smohanlewin

#2 Had To Blink Twice At This One

Image source: asherah213

#3 Sugartax

Image source: derpthatderps

#4 If You Look At The Photo You Can See The Pillow Is Just Rotated… Literally The Same Folds In It

Image source: reddit.com

#5 Had I Not Paid Attention I’d Have Been The Fool, Not Whoever Tagged These

Image source: ClassifiedRain

#6 Bad Sale Is Bad

Image source: Shir0iKabocha

#7 What A Bargain. I’ll Take Two

Image source: marn65

#8 Et Tu, Pokémon Go?

Image source: llama2621

#9 Which One Will I Choose?

Image source: salshouille

#10 Walmart Math Is Hard. Also That Was The Last Of The Single Boxes Too

Image source: Engi22

#11 Lemon Squeezer vs. Same-Size Lime Squeezer

Image source: kattrinee

#12 Profit

Image source: Christian943

#13 So I Found This Today, And It’s 4x The Regular Price Of Water! Scam :-/

Image source: RandomRedditer157

#14 A Year Or Lifetime? Hmmm

Image source: spazzyalt

#15 Little Bargain I Spotted In Asda

Image source: darkfishlord

#16 When Buying The Book Is Cheaper

Image source: uhhsamurai

#17 Used The $2 Milkshake Coupon At Mcdonald’s. Fried Onions And Tomato Slices Were Listed As Available Options

Image source: watfm

#18 $3 More For 1/4 Of The Value!!

Image source: jiroshimaaa

#19 Same Items Inside… Hers Costs 30% More

Image source: elite4caleb

#20 You Sob …. I’m In

Image source: lsimme5196

#21 I Almost Got Taxed Today

Image source: michaeljbarton

#22 Had A Really Hard Time Deciding Which Shipping Option To Choose

Image source: the_ocalhoun

#23 Genius

Image source: lmaonerd101

#24 The Savings Are Through The Floor With This One!

Image source: Sonums

#25 My School’s Cookie Sale

Image source: JudgeandJuri

#26 The Chicken Nuggets At My Local Burger King

Image source: Benjamin075

#27 Pay An Extra Dollar For Buying In Bulk

Image source: knightshell

#28 Spend Two Dollars For 100 Pennies. What A Bargain!

Image source: Karen_Nfld

#29 My Brother Saw This At A Yard Sale Today

Image source: KidCaker

#30 Samosas For People Who Don’t Pay Attention

Image source: reddit.com


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