30 Repulsive Tattoos That Put People Off Right Away

Published 9 months ago

While it’s common for someone to make a mistake in their tattoo choice, it’s usually restricted to something like an ex’s name or face. However, on occasion, folks have encountered extreme tattoos that have made them do a right-about turn and walk the opposite way instead. 

From the “88” tattoo that supports Hitler to the “11-11-11” that indicates support of the “KKK” and white supremacy, these shockingly disturbing tattoos revealed the personality of the bearer within seconds to the observer. One Redditor’s invite to folks to share their own personal experiences of similar encounters resulted in an outpouring of responses. So scroll below to check out some of the most unsetting tattoos that folks have encountered in public that have made them back away immediately. 

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I was at a party and saw a dude with 11-11-11 on his forearm…. asked him if it was a veterans thing, like Armistice Day. Nope….11 as in the 11th letter of the alphabet, KKK, the Klan). F*****g loser…Did a tight 180° and walked away.

Image source: Maligned-Instrument

#2 Older woman had a whole back tiger tattoo. I asked her about it and she told me her and her sister were both Leo’s. She had a full back tattoo of the wrong cat.

Image source: Bearacolypse, Alora Griffiths


Old neighbor of mine has, on his chest, Papa Smurf shooting his load on Smurfette’s a*s. There is a phrase I never thought I’d write.

Image source: QueenRotidder

#4 Dual lightning bolts on side of neck. Good ol’ SS tat. No thanks bud, not interested in palling around.

Image source: Cyrakhis, Lazar Gugleta


My cousin has an 88 tattoo. The entire family has disowned the piece of s**t and I filled him in twice. His own parents hate him.

Image source: anon

#6 The split legs on a dude’s armpit.

Image source: OddSkill9557


Image source: DDTKong, Lucas Lenzi

My step brother is full on m’lady neck beard incel, or at least he was, somehow he managed to get a girlfriend, 2 weeks later he has a tattoo on his wrist, it’s a date, it’s not the date they got together, so I asked “what’s the date for?” He tells me “it’s the day I became a man” I called him a f*****g idiot, they broke up a week later and he’s since had it covered up.


My husband and I took our toddler (mixed race) to a food hall. She started playing with a little girl. That was cool until we noticed her dad, who had a tattoo of a black baby in a noose. That was more than 20 years ago and I still shudder when I think of it.

Image source: Particular_Try9527

#9 A coworker who went through a bad breakup then came back to work with a tattoo of a topless woman with a noose around her neck. He was ordered to keep it covered at work. It was that offensive.

Image source: Alltheprettydresses, Joel Muniz


My ex had a full arm sleeve of Jesus on the cross holding machine guns, surrounded by skulls.

I’m still wierded out by it.

Image source: PolyByeUs


“Fight for your faith” with AR-15s in a cross shape and some bible verses one was leviticus 20-13. He was an ex marine and is currently a cop in my town. I normally don’t do politics in person, but I’ve never been more revolted in my life.

Image source: toomuchoversteer

#12 My evil a*s neighbor has two eyes tattooed on the back of his bald head. No, he doesn’t look cool. He’s a huge dbag.

Image source: Bookeyboo369, Richard Cascaes Figueiredo


Anything racist/fascist – worked with a guy that had the coat of arms of battalion with a terrible reputation in my country’s previous regime. Told my colleagues and they kind of excused it. That was a massive red flag and I knew it was time to start looking elsewhere.
No matter how “nice” you are, if you have s**t like that tattooed on you, you’re a c**t.

Image source: redlorri


Can’t walk away exactly because she’s my cousin, but this one’s a classic.

She’s half black, strongly identifies as black, and feels like she’s supposed to be able to speak Spanish because she’s black. (Why she thinks that I still don’t understand.)

So to demonstrate her blackness, she got a tattoo at the base of her neck that says Atoño siete veces, levantate ocho.

… I do speak Spanish. I stared at it for a while, thinking there must be some double meaning for a word that I wasn’t getting. I didn’t understand what was wrong until she told me what she thought it said. Fall down seven times, get up eight. Cute, I guess, except what it actually says is Autumn seven times, get up eight.

People, please never get a tattoo in a language you’re not fluent in. It’s not going to end well.

Image source: Putrid-Ad-23


New AP guy at work. He was really friendly and attractive. We had some good conversations. He would always find me and follow me around the first 10 or 20 minutes of his shift. Even some flirting going on. ….. until I noticed he had a Confederate flag tattoo on his upper bicep. I was completely bummed. I steered clear after that.

He ended up leaving 6 months later for another job.

Image source: WeekendL0ver


I was visiting a farm in Florida about 15 years ago in a work exchange/farm kinda thing. I was camping on the property (in the middle of nowhere, mind you) and locals would stop by to chat up the travelers, have a beer, and shoot some guns. Guy pulls up in his truck. The bed of the truck is about a foot deep with empty beer cans. He brought his shotgun and wants to shoot some clay pigeons with me. Dude takes off his shirt and he has a full-chest mural of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination at fords theater. The whole situation kinda dawned on me like oh s**t I could easily disappear out here. I packed my bags and left the state soon after

Image source: Winyamo


I used to work at a pizza place when I was in high school as a 16 year old. Kind of weird to think back on it, but one of our delivery guys in his mid 40s or so told us about this crazy a*s tat he had. One day he took us out back behind the pizza shop and showed us. It was the seven dwarves from Snow White all walking into a cave, and the cave was his a**hole.

Image source: iamantant

#18 Dated a guy in high school who went into the military. A few months before I was supposed to see him again, he got MAMAS BOY (no apostrophe) tattooed on his arms…one word covering his entire bicep. kinda killed the attraction after that. also i’m gay now (unrelated to this incident)

Image source: b00kstorebabe, Julia Rekamie


I’ve been working in shops for the last twenty years. I only tattooed for two years but have been piercing all twenty. The one that’s always stuck with me was a young lady getting her boyfriend’s name tattooed across her lower back(I wasn’t the one doing the tattoo). She leaves excited but comes back a little while later fuming. Turns out the boyfriend was caught in bed with her best friend when she got home. That’s the quickest I’ve seen anyone ask for a cover-up.

Image source: TheRevSev


Finally, my “tinder time” pays dividends:

One night stand, mediocre date, the kind that moved to her place through happenstance/alcohol vs any real attraction. It isn’t until we’re both naked and I’m in a position to examine her lower back without interruption that I notice wall-to-wall, 90’s bubble style graffiti text reading:

“Live every week like it’s shark week”

That was something like eight years ago and I still haven’t stopped thinking about it.

Image source: nerdtothewise

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