40 Rescue Dogs That Underwent An Amazing Transformation

Published 3 weeks ago

Just like humans, animals too feel emotions and crave bonds to feel fulfilled. Any creature becomes a shell of itself when it’s abandoned or going through a traumatic experience. However, despite the damage caused, time can heal many wounds. 

Today we explore a collection of heartwarming photos of adopted animals that blossomed when showered with love and care. Scroll below to check out these mood-boosting pics of animals rescued from pitiful conditions that underwent an amazing transformation when they finally felt safe and wanted in a loving environment. 

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#1 Jeff, A Stray I Found A While Back. Before And After

Image source: -HIGHHIGH-

#2 This Is Why We Foster. The Difference A Few Weeks Can Make

Image source: downwithship

#3 Cotton’s Before And After, One Year Apart. He Was Rescued In A Hoarding Case With 30 Other Dogs (All Suffering From Mange And Malnutrition). He Went From Under 40 Pounds To 80 In 12 Months

Image source: AgreeableMacaron4229

#4 My Recent Foster, Leiah, Was Saved from Euthanasia. It Took Many Weeks Of Medicated Baths To Get Her Hair Growing Back And Extra Feedings To Get Her To A Normal Weight. When Leiah was healthy enough, we found her forever family. She has a wonderful dad and dog sibling who love her very much.

Image source: justaredditaccountx

#5 Luna Was A Stray In Egypt And Now Is Living The High Life In Canada

Image source: DPEilla

#6 I Found This Babie In Kandahar 5 Years Ago, Half Starved And Mangy, And Now He’s Living The Dream Life

Image source: iRecond0

#7 We Adopted This Very Sad Looking Girl On Saturday, And She Already Loves Her New Family

Image source: reddit.com, reddit.com

#8 Before And After From Milly

Image source: ElectricalTravel1671

This dog was left to guard an abandoned sand quarry. I noticed her when it was -40°C. When I first tried to touch her, she wanted to bite me. Now I can cuddle her everywhere, anytime.

#9 I Found Him Badly Attacked And Injured, Left To Die. A Few Months Later, He’s Doing Great In His Forever Home

Image source: SnooHabits9187

#10 Elsa Was Found In A Ditch With A Broken Leg, A Broken Jaw, And A Large Abcess In Her Neck. I Just Couldn’t Say No To Bringing Her Home. It’s Been Six Months Since And She’s The Silliest Dog

Image source: Master_Performance88

#11 This Is Gertie Before vs. After. She Was Dumped At The Shelter At 8 Weeks Old And Was There For Four Months. However, We Adopted Gertie, And We Love Her Very Much

Image source: reddit.com

#12 With Love And Care, Everything Damaged Can Be Healed

Image source: jaldt

#13 Met This Poor Abandoned Girl At A Work Site. Couldn’t Take Her In My Work Truck But Came Back 3 Hours Later And She Was Still There. She Has A New Home Now

Image source: QuincyArch

#14 My Newest Foster, Gizzie, Is 8 Weeks Old And Has Demodex Mange, Entropion, Anemia, Skin And Eye Infections, A Corneal Ulcer, And Heart Murmur. After A Few Months Already Feeling Way Better

Image source: codycodymag, codycodymag

#15 The Difference A Few Months Can Make

Image source: hitman21actual

#16 Fed Junk Food And Never Given Any Exercise Her Whole Life, Shiloh Couldn’t Walk More Than 10 Meters Before Having To Stop And Rest. 3 Months Later, She’s Lost 30 Pounds

Image source: mikerich15

#17 Before And After. We Adopted Lily From A Humane Society Near Los Angeles Six Years Ago. Now Lily Is The Happiest Little Girl

Image source: wednesdayMD6

#18 Two Years Ago, We Rescued The Dirtiest, Most Diseased, And Starving Tripod Dog. Today, He Is Gorgeous

Image source: PM_ME_IRONIC_

#19 Because Adoption Matters

Image source: Catherine5025

#20 From Being Dumped On A Construction Site To A Couch Potato Who Wears A Cozy Winter Jacket For Walks

Image source: SlightlyConfusedBrit

#21 I Fostered This Girl From A Shelter, They Said That She Wasn’t Going To Make It Much Longer. After A Few Months, She Slowly Got Over Her Fears And Is Now A Very Confident Girl

Image source: kingkongaintwrong

#22 My Brother’s Dog, Ricky, Before And After Adoption

Image source: ChiefWolfy

#23 Further Progress For Papi, With New Starter Pictures. From Adoption Last Month To Today

Image source: robkahil

#24 My Rescue From The Day We Met And To This Week

Image source: Zuritick

#25 My Rescue Dog’s 6-Month Transformation

Image source: misusyaya

#26 It’s Been A Year Since I Adopted Kenai. You Don’t Notice A Change Until You Look At The Old Pictures

Image source: xxDisturbed

#27 One Year Later Our Sweet Ruby Is Thriving

Image source: Serenity-BrownCoat

I found her on the side of the highway during a road trip, hundreds of miles from home. None of the local rescues would take her. The obvious broken leg also turned out to be a bad bone infection, and vets couldn’t save it. That doesn’t stop her or even seem to slow her down!

#28 Our Beautiful Rescue Boy. His Name Is Kung Fu

Image source: no-coffee-no-life

We found him at a temple (we’re in Thailand), and we think he was possibly abandoned by previous owners and got attacked by the dogs already living there. Now he seems to have forgotten all about his past, thankfully.

#29 Before And 1.5 Years After Adoption

Image source: flatsensation

#30 Joker Was A Bait Dog For I Don’t Know How Long. It Amazes Me From The Moment I Met Him All He Needed Was Love To Heal

Image source: forestfae333

#31 The Photo That Made Me Go Get Him And What His Life Turned In To

Image source: Amos_Dad

He was left behind when a family moved out. For days alone with only a cut-open dog food bag in the cement and dirty backyard. We weren’t prepared for a dog, but I knew I had to get him out of there, even if it was only to get him to a vet and give him a safe space till we could find somewhere else for him to go. In a few days, we will celebrate his 7th birthday. The best spur-of-the-moment decision I’ve ever made. He’s getting old and his cancer is back, so it won’t be too long before we lose him, but we will love him till the end of time and give him everything he wants and needs until he tells us he’s ready.

#32 We Finally Met Our Goal Weight! My 25 Lb Baby Before vs. After

Image source: mariekenna-photos, mariekenna-photos

#33 Tucker Before And After We Adopted

Image source: shes-wandering

#34 When We Adopted Boone, He Was Only 20 Pounds, Malnourished, Wounded From Attacks, Covered In Mange, Smelled Like A Sewer, And Afraid Of Everything. Now, He Is A 50-Pound Sweet And Derpy Dog

Image source: Chalkdust-torture

#35 Our New Rescue Pup, Tiki. Before Us, She Was Chained, Starved, And Left With A Broken Leg. We Promised To Give Her The Best Life She Deserves

Image source: LaurenZNe

#36 My Neighbor Called Me Because She Saw An Emaciated Dog On The Side Of The Road. This Is Her Progress Since Rescue. She Had To Be Hospitalized For 2 Weeks And Is Recovering

Image source: Hoperosaliex

#37 Gizmo Before And After A Little Bit Of Love

Image source: mrscatmom98

#38 Before And After Abraham Being With Us For 1 Week. He’s The Sweetest Boy And Is Living A Good Life Now

Image source: Character_Pace2242, Character_Pace2242

#39 Wesley’s Before And After. Now He Runs With Other Doggies In Dog Heaven

Image source: PhuckingPhabulous, PhuckingPhabulous

Wesley was heartworm-positive, limping, and listed as age 5. He’d been at the pound for 3 weeks, and he was not neutered.
I explained that I’d pay for the heartworm treatment (the shelter typically pays) and promised them I was not looking to breed him. I believe in neutering/spaying. I had my vet email confirm a neuter consult that was coming Monday, signed legal documents about getting him neutered, etc., and off we went.

Apparently, he’s actually 3.5 years old, and he’s a total goofball. He also was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma 2 weeks ago. We have a week or two left. I’m glad I saved him. Glad he didn’t die with sadness on his face.

#40 Tater Was A Stud Who Lived In A Backyard For His First 2 Years. We Arranged Rescue With The People Who Had Him, And Since Then His Sunburnt, Infected Skin Has Healed Tons

Image source: deadanonymously

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