People Claim These 20 Restaurant Green Flags Help Them Judge Whether To Eat Somewhere

Published 10 months ago

When it comes to the topic of deciding where to eat, folks are always discussing restaurant red flags to watch out for. Many have recommended the quickest ways to ascertain a failing restaurant. From extensive menus to hygienic factors, the list of things to watch out for are obvious and many. 

But today, we explore the opposite. Folks gathered online to share the many ways we can quickly assess whether a restaurant is a good spot to choose as a dining experience. So scroll below to read the suggestions and apply them the next time you have to pick a dinner spot to impress your peers with your culture and class evident from your successful dining recommendations. 

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#1 I often dine out alone. I live in Europe so tipping really isn’t a major factor (our servers earn a living wage and get benefits), though I usually tip well anyway. How I’m treated as a solo diner has a huge impact on how I judge the restaurant. It tells me if they care more about their customers and food, or about turnover.

Image source: PurpleWomat, Anastasia Ilina-Makarova

#2 How many Asian people there are in an Asian restaurant

Image source: dr_wang, Redd F

#3 Clean bathroom.

Image source: evilroysladejunior, Max Rahubovskiy

#4 If they use that cheap ketchup vs Heinz. Also super thin paper napkins. ?

Image source: kpbjcp, Diane Picchiottino

#5 If they only offer a QR code menu. I hate them and I would prefer a physical one.

Image source: theparkingchair, Albert Hu

#6 How’s the side salad? If it’s a giant chunk of iceberg with a few shredded carrots and one big mealy tomato and cucumber slice I’m not really trusting the rest of their menu.

Image source: TRIGMILLION, Jill Wellington

#7 Beans in a Mexican place. If the beans are not good then the rest of the menu is probably not good either.

Image source: Fuzzywalls, Gonzalo Mendiola

#8 Do they know how to brew tea properly? A tea bag next to a mug of hot water does not count.

Okay OP, what is a properly brewed cup of tea? I mean no disrespect, I’m asking as someone who doesn’t drink tea that often and has been served tea as a tea bag + hot water in every restaurant that I’ve been to.

Image source: vanilla-bean1, Pramod Tiwari

#9 If it’s an Asian restaurant; how badly is the menu spelled? If it’s littered with errors you know the food is going to be incredible. Bonus points if they bring you s**t you never asked for. Not even joking, this is my criteria.

Image source: Tsubodai86, Mike Cho

#10 Ginormous menus on twenty pages. If you say you can cook hundred different items then you can’t cook a single one properly. Had only one exception out of this rule: one diner I like has a relatively large menu and everything on the menu was good.

Image source: Automatic-Sport-6253, server

#11 Salt and pepper shakers being full or near full attention to details

Image source: thekillercook, Julia Filirovska

#12 A restaurant always gets bonus points in my book if they actually have desserts that are worthwhile. Often they are good, but not as good as the gourmet chocolate store or artisan ice cream place down the street.

Image source: Square-Dragonfruit76, Abhinav Goswami

#13 For breakfast joints it comes down to the potatoes for me. They cannot be stodgy, chalky, wet or unseasoned. Well-seasoned, crispy potatoes will always have me coming back.

Image source: Such-Sun7453, Markus Winkler

#14 If a restaurant has TVs in it, I don’t go. Sounds snobby, but I’ve seen so many lovely restaurants ruined by a stupid flat screen. Now everyone’s staring at commercials like moths to a flame instead of interacting with each other.

Image source: Immediate_Cellist_47, Anthony Fomin

#15 If I see French onion soup on a menu, I always order it. It’s a great way to judge the general quality of the place. Is the beef stock made in-house or clearly from a base? Did they take the time to actually caramelize onions, or did they half a*s the process?

Image source: AirForceBalls, Dana DeVolk

#16 My husband worked at a famous American diner (Waffle House!) when he was younger and he told me that a certain number of perfect over medium eggs is actually one of the tests they gave to cooks to move them up a grade in rank and pay.

It’s actually apparently difficult to consistently nail the exact temp (firm white, runny but not raw yolk) on a poached or fried egg. It really does prove that somebody in the kitchen is paying attention.

Image source: Tiny_Goats, Giordano Rossoni

#17 The bread. I have never had good food at a place where the bread sucks or tastes a day old.

Image source: ColHannibal, Wendy Wei

#18 The trash area. This isn’t always easy to see but how they treat the trash is a good indication of how the rest of the place is run. There’s a place that all the locals love. Their dumpsters? A disaster zone. Total disgusting mess and on top of that there’s raccoon, otter and rat s**t all over the place. I don’t eat there.

On the other hand there are places that keep their area nice. Some even use soap and water to regularly scrub and clean the area. I’ll eat there.

Source: Used to be a garbage man.

Image source: home_cheese, Kenny Eliason

#19 I always judge delis by the quality of their pickles

Image source: DaaraJ, Karolina Grabowska

#20 My SO is Vegan but I am not. So for us it’s whether or not we can both get a good meal. And for him, is his meal actually a well thought out meal or just an impossible or beyond patty on a bun. I like when places are inclusive and still put effort into a dish.

Image source: stazib14, Grooveland Designs

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