20 Stories Of Rich People Being Ignorant About The Lifestyle Of Regular Folks

Published 1 year ago

Rich people live in a different reality that the majority of folks in the world. Their understanding comes from a different realm and thus conversations with them might seem weird or totally unrelatable to common folks.

When someone recently asked on r/AskReddit, “What was the most out of touch with reality thing a rich person ever said to you?”, many people shared stories of their encounters with wealthy and ignorant people. Scroll below to read some of those answers.

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Image source: LamppostBoy, fancaps.net

“Not to me but near me “I would pay money to see The Hunger Games if it was real”.”


Image source: Bron_3, Kampus Production

“In college I was washing a bowl in the sink and someone said “that’s the weirdest thing about college for me, not having a dishwasher.”

I said “man I didn’t have one until high school and it was s**t so it couldn’t clean pans.”

Him: “oh, I meant like someone to wash the dishes for us…”

Me: “you’re joking, right?”

He was not joking, but I got invited to their upstate place for spring break so that was cool

Edit: it had a pots and pans mode, which we tried exactly once. Turns out it couldn’t wash anything even remotely stuck on, so we usually just washed them by hand anyways.”


Image source: El_mochilero, Josh Sorenson

“One time a client’s kid gave a coworker an iPad. Brand new, unopened box. My coworker was a little uncomfortable receiving such an expensive gift from a kid.

The kid just said “don’t worry, I just grabbed it out of the gift closet.”

We were confused, so we asked him what a gift closet is. Apparently, their family keeps a whole closet loaded with stuff like this – Apple Watches, cameras, iPads, etc so that whenever they need to give a gift, they always have something on hand.”


Image source: spicyhooligan, Jason Toevs

“Oh you get seasonal depression? Why don’t you just go to the Caribbean for a week and the Mediterranean the next? It always helps me.”


Image source: dell02, Karolina Grabowska

“A button fell off my jacket. My rich friend recommended where to buy a new jacket. When I took out the needle and thread, he was very confused.”


Image source: Far-Owl1892, Binyamin Mellish

“My boss asked me why I didn’t just buy a house in her neighborhood instead of renting an apartment. The houses there were $300-500,000 (very pricy for my area), and she was paying me $9/h….I had literally just applied for food stamps.”


Image source: _Decal08_, Marcelo Verfe

“A coworker of mine was talking with a parent once (summer camp in a rich town). The parent mentioned how she loved my coworkers dress, and wanted to know where she bought it, with the stipulation that it cost under $10,000… turns she had bought the dress on clearance for something like $10. When she explained this, the parent just laughed like it was a joke, saying “no really, how much was it.” Never seen someone thaaat out of touch.”


Image source: jtuley77, Sora Shimazaki

“Back when I worked in payroll a doctor yelled at me because his administrator didn’t process his bi-monthly incentive on time so it missed his check. He was supposed to go pick up his new Mercedes with that money (it was 6 figures) so he threw a fit to have a check cut that day. Two weeks later that same doctor did not approve a check to be cut for an hourly employee whose hours (2 weeks worth) didn’t get approved on time because it was only $1000 and they wouldn’t miss it. I had to go above him to get it approved because I knew that employee would definitely be negatively impacted by not being paid on time.”


Image source: fit_fat_black_cat, Yuri G.

“Our CEO mourned having to sell 4 of the company’s private jets in a town hall meeting because it was really personal to him and hurt. Meanwhile the personnel cuts were described as necessary in the same meeting.”


Image source: Frosty-Shower-7601, Curtis Adams

I was complaining about mortgage payments, and she said “I know, I finally just took the money out of savings and paid mine off so I wouldn’t have to worry about it every month.”


Image source: testthrowawayzz, RODNAE Productions

“Why don’t you just buy a house? It’s going to be cheaper than paying rent.”

Thanks. Just let me find the down payment that I don’t have yet.


Image source: Aromatic_Mission_165, Polina Tankilevitch

“I have a friend and she is very wealthy. She was talking about finding a charity for Christmas. I mentioned that there were people going places and paying off Christmas lay a ways. I mentioned a town I grew up in as a possibility. I told them the per capita income is 9k. And she said, “9k a month!!!! How do those people live!!!” Then I had to tell her 9k a year. She was floored.
Edited to say: she is actually a very very sweet and caring person and donates millions a year to so many wonderful places and causes.”


Image source: RoyalGarbage, Karolina Grabowska

“My father gave me a small loan of a million dollars.”


Image source: DarthDregan, cottonbro studio

“Why have roommates at all? I don’t think anyone I knew had roommates. Seems like too much trouble. Just spend the extra hundred on rent and live at peace.

-an 80 year old man.”


Image source: A40, Andrea Piacquadio

“Poor people are poor because they’re lazy.”


Image source: Big-Routine222, Mike B

I do IT for the 1% in LA. This is my life all day. “My son crashed his Mercedes, so he and I will stop by the dealership to pick up a new one.”

“You sure he won’t crash that one too?”

“It’s just a car, we can always replace it.”


Image source: ksozay, Asad Photo Maldives

“This actually happened:

I work for a large tech company. My first year there, I had a co-worker that had God level money. We were booked for a business trip to London. I boarded the flight, didn’t see him, thought he missed the flight.

I get off the plane and he’s texting me from our hotel in London. He arrived 5 or so hours before I did. I get to the hotel, check-in and meet him for dinner. I ask if he took an earlier flight as I didn’t see him.

Nope. He told me he was racing his vintage Ferrari(s) in Southern California, lost track of time. Realized he was probably going to miss the flight so he flew his own jet to NY (with the Ferraris on-board), then “grabbed a flight on the Concord” and beat me to London.

And he genuinely said this like he’d just grabbed Starbucks on the way home. He was incredibly down to Earth and very humble, but his assessment of everyday life related to travel was so far out of my realm of reality.

That was my first brush with God level money.”


Image source: willywonkerbonker, Guvluck

“Why does public transport still exist?” This dude was legitimately convinced that there is no reason for public transport to still exist. He thinks that everyone is rich enough to afford cars.


Image source: -Psychological-Salad, Ivan Samkov

“When I had to explain to my roommate that I couldn’t go with him on an expensive multi-week vacation because I had to work and all of my money was going toward the rent/car payment/etc coming up. His dad paid for his rent, his car, his university tuition, his vacations, etc.”


Image source: Asylem, Arthur Brognoli

“I complained about going an entire summer without ac, and she asked me why I didn’t buy a new car.”

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