20 Hobbies Associated Only With Wealthy People, As Shared In This Online Community

Published 1 year ago

Hobbies reflect a lot about an individual’s personality. Sometimes, however, they also indicate the financial background of the person. After all, not everyone can afford to buy Rolex watches as a hobby.

Someone recently asked on Reddit, “Which hobbies that people do screams “rich people”?”, and many people listed the names of weird and interesting hobbies that can only be associated with wealthy people. Scroll below to read some of them.

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Image source: LeLiterally420, Aukid phumsirichat

“In Germany we have a saying: if you play golf, you’re too poor for horses. you buy horses if you are to poor for sailing. If you are sailing youre propably too poor for jets and motoryachts.

Historic Motorsports is also a good indicator for wealth (especially F1)”


Image source: AnonOne1982, Matthew DeVries


Collecting art, watches, cars

Traveling. I know you can travel on the cheap but even doing it cheaply multiple times a year is a luxury of the rich for the most part. Not only the cost of the trip but having the financial freedom to not work so you CAN travel.”


Image source: _Cheezus, Gep Pascual



Image source: skiballerina, Giuseppe Milo

“I recently went to Loon Mtn. in New Hampshire (which is pretty average skiing), and for a family of 4, our tickets cost $475 a day. That’s almost $1,000 just in ticket cost for the weekend. On top of that, we spent a couple hundred on food. Luckily we were staying with someone, otherwise we would have to pay another almost $1,000 for lodging. We’re upper middle class, and we could barely afford it. I don’t understand how the mountain (and lift lines) were so crowded. Who can afford this more than once a year, if that?!”


Image source: VapoursAndSpleen, Kristina Paukshtite

“My neighbor is a yachtsman who makes a middle class living racing rich people’s yachts. So, I would say hiring people to indulge your hobbies is about as 1 percent as one can get.”


Image source: machine_logic, SCILLA KIM

“Himalayan mountaineering.”


Image source: Craftbeerluvr, James Sanders

“Going to Africa to hunt big game.”


Image source: Alaska-Now-PNW, fusion-of-horizons

“Art collecting”


Image source: numberonealcove, David Rickard

“Lots of folks saying golf, but I haven’t seen anybody mention cycling. Sport cycling, not utility cycling to the corner store for a gallon of milk. Mid-level road bikes are now $5000 usd. And it’s pretty common to spend low five-figures on a complete setup.

At least in the Unites States, the average household income of cyclists is quite a bit higher than golfers.”


Image source: spinozasrobot, hank Mitchell

“Buying social media companies and burning them to the ground.”


Image source: BigSisAdvice

“Top 5 that scream “rich person”

1. all things equestrian
2. collecting rare, first edition, and out of print literary works
3. collecting “fine art” (from galleries, not flea markets)
4. being a connoisseur of liquor such as elite vodka brands
5. glamping in your Airstream

Top 5 that scream “I want to pretend I’m rich, but definitely am not”

1. collecting Disney memorabilia
2. Going on “luxury cruises”
3. having a collection of designer clothes, bags, and accessories purchased entirely at outlet stores
4. belonging to a wine of the month club
5. collecting Airstream branded shirts and hats, although you do not actually own an Airstream

Top 5 “not rich and don’t care what anybody else thinks of my hobby”

1. playing bingo
2. collecting hubcaps
3. maintaining a collection of squirrel feeders
4. turning old beer bottles into vases and planters that you give as holiday gifts
5. tent camping in your own backyard”


Image source: mahade, contri

“My hobby is collecting Rolex watches.”

Oh, sweet. What do those go for nowadays? 20k?

“My last Rolex watch was worth 400 thousand.”

Oh, sweet. Your useless timepiece that you never wear could buy me a house and I’d be set for life.

“I have 51 of them, I think. Maybe more.”

… and you wouldn’t even miss one.


Image source: Tarotmamma, Tom Page

“Going on vacations to different countries and then just lounging around the hotel and pool aka doing the stuff you could at home.”


Image source: Whieties, Xue Guangjian

“Depending on where they live and how often they do it, skiing/snowboarding.”


Image source: JDLinDallas, Ola Dapo

“Creating a secret cave filled with high tech equipment.”


Image source: P00PMcBUTTS, Karolina Grabowska

“We had a meet and greet with a new executive at my company and she told us one of her hobbies is “investing in real estate.””


Image source: tocksin, Martin Lewison

“Dressage. You won’t know what this is. Because you aren’t even rich enough to know that it exists. Let alone have it as a hobby.”


Image source: ValueAppropriate293, drea.f

“Summering. Only rich people will ask another person where they “summer”.”


Image source: ddlatv, hippopx

“Fighting the crime with high tech equipment developed by your R&D team as a way to avenge the murder of your parents.”


Image source: _interloper_, Kelly

“I went to my aunties 70th birthday. She’s a hobbyist pilot and longtime member of an aviation club.

My partner and I were talking to one of the guys there and he asked “Did you guys ever get in to flying?” To which we obviously replied with “… No.” He seemed genuinely surprised and then asked “Oh… did your parents just not let you?”

The obscene cost of flying/owning/renting planes never even entered his mind. The *only* reason he could see for not flying planes as a child was a lack of interest.

Pretty f*****g mind blowing tbh.”

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