35 Times People’s High Dating Standards Got Them Ridiculed Online

Published 10 months ago

The fairytale love story beckons us all with its promise of a princess falling in love with her prince charming. Where the match is literally made in heaven. Where two people come together in perfect harmony. Until reality hits, and your options are in front of you, apparently just a frog and a donkey. If you pick the frog, he may change into a prince despite its unappealing nature. If you pick the donkey, maybe you’ll be its perfectly matched dragon mate with a love like no other even though you two couldn’t be more different from each other in every sense. But the crux is, love isn’t always packaged the way you expect so you have to take a chance to discover your happily ever after.

However, in today’s complex dating landscape ridiculous dating standards have become increasingly prevalent. Folks tend to get on dating apps like Tinder expecting a partner to fulfil an exhaustive checklist of physical, emotional, and financial criteria amongst others. These standards often overshadow genuine connections in a world that is already too dependent on technology. Below, we have compiled some of the most ridiculous examples of dating standards and expectations people hold others to, but these are just a pinch of salt in a sea that has plenty of “fish” in it.

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#1 Not Sure If Red Flag

Image source: reddit.com

#2 A Friend Started App Dating… Incel Ensued

Image source: Mr-Badger-Man

For many people, such unrealistic expectations can lead to disillusionment and missed opportunities for meaningful relationships, as the pursuit of perfection overshadows the beauty of embracing imperfections and discovering genuine compatibility between two people.

#3 He Had A Date With Destiny, And She Ordered The Lobster

Image source: TheIndomitablePnis

#4 Feel Like I Dodged A Bullet Here

Image source: kiraagency

#5 Why Are People Like This?

Image source: KeyConnectionz

#6 The Entitlement

Image source: mommonstar

#7 Just It’s Time To Eating Nails Then Because “That’s What Real Men Do”

Image source: Fadedthepro

That being said, it’s crucial to strike a balance between having standards and boundaries that reflect personal values and being open to the unpredictability of love and human connection.

#8 Enough Said

Image source: daggerite

#9 Yup

Image source: reddit.com, perfectsweeties

#10 Bullet Dodged

Image source: reddit.com

#11 The Absolute Audacity… Do People Actually Fall For This?

Image source: BackgroundContract77

#12 I-

Image source: reddit.com

#13 She Unmatched Soon After, So She Wasn’t Joking

Image source: reddit.com

#14 The Beard Within Is Strong With This One

Image source: OnlyBeenBannedOnce

#15 The Beard Stays, But You Can Leave

Image source: LaheyOnTheLiquor

#16 Trying To Get A $100 Minimum Dinner On A First Date

Image source: Undercoverfootmodel

#17 She Dodged A Bullet With This Sociopath

Image source: Reality_Rose

#18 That’s What We Call A Miscalculation

Image source: DaFunkJunkie

#19 Your Phone Says A Lot About You

Image source: virt1028

#20 A Real Charmer

Image source: NarrowStillness_09

#21 Dating In Your 40s

Image source: imgur.com

#22 I Hate These Apps

Image source: ROU_Misophist

#23 Quite An Intro

Image source: AristonD

#24 Unsolicited Feedback From My Sisters Date. Spent The Whole Time Talking About How Smart He Is, And Ordered A Kids Meal At Lunch

Image source: Rumzzzzzz

#25 Easy Tattoo Fix

Image source: jnej94

#26 No Response

Image source: Mr_McGuy

#27 The 7 Guys In Her City That Meet Those Requirements Are Married, Or Not On Tinder Or Swiped Left Lol

Image source: QuotingThings

#28 Modern Dating

Image source: Alex45784

#29 Where Do I Sign Up

Image source: buildingseas

#30 “Hi There, I’m A Red Flag. Date Me”

Image source: Stonedpanda436

#31 I Need .. I Need… A Mother

Image source: Unfair_Assumption_23, WilliamMarvel

#32 Some People On Here Are Wildin

Image source: atom_the_bomb

#33 Tell Me You Don’t Go Outside Without Telling Me You Don’t Go Outside

Image source: reddit.com

#34 Alpha Male Waiting, Anyone Ready ?

Image source: Unfair_Assumption_23

#35 Average Gen Z Dating Experience

Image source: TheUga69

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