20 Times When People Got Absolutely Ripped Off

Published 2 years ago

There are times that we buy something without even putting a single thought before doing it. But hey, we want that thing! There’s nothing wrong in trying to treat and indulge ourselves. Let’s just hope that we wouldn’t regret this later on.

However, life can be disappointing at times, and some purchases can be pretty disheartening as well. To give you some examples, we scoured the Internet to look for things people regretted purchasing, and to be honest, they’re such a huge waste of money. Scroll down below to see such pitiful items that weren’t even worth their costs!

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#1 Ordered The Brisket Nachos. Got A Pound Of Kraft Singles

Image source: devmikale

#2 Not Only Did I Get 2.5 Tenders In My 3 Tender Meal, But This Amount Of Food Costs $10

Image source: igonnawrecku_VGC

#3 I Paid Extra For Cheese

Image source: MisterDavidC

#4 I Ordered A Loaded Baked Potato, Paid Almost $5 For This

Image source: ScrewedSomethingOnce

#5 The Amount Of Chips Del Taco Gave Me For $2

Image source: nerd-tuber

#6 Amusement Park Pizza. Cost Me $11

Image source: Brace12

#7 This $10 Salad I Paid For At A Restaurant

Image source: WoundedDonkey

#8 My 16 Dollar Tuna Poke Bowl

Image source: Kuromoturiga

#9 Paid 30$ For Two “Regular Sized” Drinks At A Concert Last Night. 4 Sips Each

Image source: dirtypig796

#10 I Paid Extra For A M&M Rice Krispy Treat And I Received An Insult Instead


Image source: Tanker475

#11 I Paid $76 For This Myers Mask From Amazon

Image source: akshayk22

#12 Got Recommended To Try The New Burger Restaurant That Recently Opened Up. This Burger Cost Me £6.95

Image source: Pro007er


Image source: michellada777

#14 $3 Pasta Salad I Ordered From Jamie Oliver’s Airport Restaurant

Image source: Otherwise-Relief2670

#15 My Highschool Senior “Breakfast” That I Paid 15$ For

Image source: AWESOMEair

#16 Almost 15 Dollars/Meal For This At My College

Image source: John_Warosa

#17 The Toilet Paper At The University I Pay $20k A Year To Go To

Image source: Cartman9110

#18 First Overseas Flight In 9 Years! Paid Extra For A Window Seat So I Can See Everything

Image source: AWildAnonHasAppeared

#19 I Paid $25 To Go To A “Halloween House” And This Was One Of The “Game Areas”

Image source: Oranginafina

#20 This “Blueberry” Muffin I Just Ordered

Image source: Moonlitmindset

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