Romance in Hyderabad can be the Best Choice This Vacation

Published 8 years ago

“I’m an old guy. I don’t hustle and I don’t bustle. So sometimes you’re behind, but that’s okay. Your peace of mind is more important. I have seen the people who hustle and bustle, and they are already gone, at a young age. They could have enjoyed life,” said by Kumar Pallana, who died at 94. True indeed! Man is mired down with the workload of life and in today’s world, there is a dire need to spend time with your love, and to do what you love.

Every once in a while you must take time out for your family and set out on a recreational hangout. So, here’s this little help for you; some extraordinary places, you must take your beloved to and let the love between you two, bloom! There are some extremely romantic spots in Hyderabad, which are bound to take you aback with their exquisiteness. Visit Hyderabad and experience it yourself. There are a number of flights available to Hyderabad. Check for cheap flights from Hyderabad to Delhi as there are discounts on them these days.Even trains from every major city of India can be availed at discounts to Hyderabad. Quickly grab one.

Bask in immense grandeur at the Taj Falaknuma Palace

The tales of enticing and love making of the Nizams and begums of Hyderabad are quite adored. Have a similar experience with your sweetheart at the royal palace of Taj Falaknuma. The resort-turned-palace is a quintessential place to stay at, embellished with marvellous chandeliers, gurgling fountains, magnificent marble staircases and bewitching statues, sketches and murals of the bygone era. The Rajasthani, Mughal and Japanese style gardens, which were trotted by the Nizam himself, offer a gorgeous place to sit and relax in. Soak yourselves with the utmost royalty and splendour in this grand resort.

Trot the night at the embroidery of the Hussain Sagar Lake

Hussain Sagar is much more than a lake. It is the best spot to hangout with your partner at night, in the thick of pirouetting fountains, alluring multi-hued lights, and face-brushing breezes. The place is centered by a large monolithic statue of Gautam Buddha and dotted with bronze statues of renowned personalities. The best perk of this place is that you can enjoy sailing boats with your partner in the lake, which looks mesmerizing at night.

Hussain Sagar Lake is nestled with two major parks, the Lumbini Park (which also hosts laser shows at its auditorium) and the Sanjeevaiah Park, which are the centres of attraction of this place. Sanjeevaiah Park was awarded the best open landscape and is drowned with breathtaking serenity. What could be more tantalizing than roaming in such an extremely heart-wooing aura!

Drive along the Necklace Road

This long boulevard is just like the famous Marine Drive of Mumbai. The Necklace Road is surmounted by verdant lawns, posh restaurants and other recreational spots. One can stop by these gardens and relax in the lap of nature. the place is excellent to jazz up your photo snaps. What could be more enthrilling and joyous than going on a long drive with your partner at the Necklace Road!

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