25 People Get Honest About What Ruined Their Christmas This Year

Published 7 months ago

When the Christmas season finally rolls in, it feels like the most wonderful time of the year. The excitement of the holidays and catching up with family, the anticipation of chowing down on delicious dinners and lunches, and the excitement of looking forward to gifts galore seem to have a special allure before we go through all the month’s activities and realise it’s all kind of overwhelming and draining instead. 

Indeed, after a few family dinners, you realise that these social events are rather chaotic as things rarely go as planned. There’s quite a bit of friction and fights to deal with when family members get together. Additionally, you may not even get the gifts you were hoping for or the reactions you were expecting from those you gifted to. So when one Redditor asked online, “So, who ruined Christmas morning and how did they do it?”, the answers that rolled in were hilariously relatable as you can see below. 

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Image source: gneissboulder, Andrea Piacquadio

Ellen at my mum’s work. She went to the Christmas lunch sick, turned out she had Covid and now so does my mum and three other colleagues. Because of Ellen at least 6 high risk people have been exposed and all three family Christmases are cancelled. I’m extremely f*****g unimpressed with your work ethic Ellen.


Entire family ruined it by uninviting me to Christmas because my aunt was offended I got vaccinated.

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Image source: NotA_W55b, Darina Belonogova

Not my Christms ruined, but my friends. Her parents left home to stay in Florida, they were supposed to come back for Thanksgiving. They did not come back. Her parents were supposed to come back yesterday, Christmas Eve to spend time with their kids. They did not. Her parents left her (17), her sister (an adult but legally blind), and her grandmother (who literally just had a stroke and is in the hospital) alone. No financial support, the only person bringing in money is her. She couldn’t even celebrate christmas with her family, just her sister. For the past few nights my family has invited her to dinner to help out. I feel so bad for her, no teenage girl should have to go through such stressful events without the support of her parents during Christmas.


Image source: Sweet-Application-76, Streetwindy

My mom. Screaming at and in front of everyone (including the kids and my elderly grandmother who came out of hospital this morning) that she doesn’t want to be a full-time carer for my grandmother. No one asked her to care for my grandma. For the past few years Mom has been asking grandma for her inheritance early so she could buy a house, grandma always said no. Mom moved in with grandma a month ago and now wants grandma to move out so mom can live in the house alone rent free. Where grandma is supposed to go is beyond me as mom has refused to participate in plans for a care home etc because it will likely involve selling the house to pay for this.

#5 I gave my little girl a drone. It went up in the air the first time and just kept going and going and going. That was like 8 hours ago. Could still be going….

Image source: DallasBroncos, Oleksandr P

#6 My cat of 16 years died this morning in his sleep. Didn’t tell my 7 year old son because of Christmas. He is sleeping over his grandmothers house tonight and we are going to tell him tomorrow. We are devastated losing a family member, and I am dreading telling the poor kid.

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Image source: Mediocre_Professor_5, Diva Plavalaguna

My brother by existing. My family flew into Paris from one country, he flew in from another, and had a complete mental breakdown because no one came to the airport to escort him to our Airbnb and ordered him an Uber instead. He proceeded to scream and abuse my parents, stating that they abandoned him and left him to fend for himself in the wild unknown that is CDG airport. He then threatened to leave immediately and refused to leave his room, not even to eat, as a form of protest for my parents being so horrible to him.

He is 35 years old, and my parents bought his tickets and this trip is on their dime entirely.


Image source: IVmeans4, Erik Mclean

I drove 12 hours to get “home” to my dad’s house, staying 5 days because he guilts me for never staying more than 2 nights. I’m divorced, with grown kids (they were coming in later) so it’s just me and him for the first three days.

My first day here… he tells me at noon he’s leaving at 1:30 because he has plans with his lady friend. He invites me to dinner at her house, but tells me he’s spending the night there. I decline the dinner, and plan to have a solo day in my hometown. Annoying he ditched me, but whatever.

I spend my day running errands, come back to his place early, order my favorite local takeout, wrap presents and fall asleep on the couch…

THIS MF’R… at 5:30am he feels like something isn’t right, and checks his home thermostat app on his phone. He sees the temp at an egregious 71°. Knowing he set it to 68°, he’s SURE I have fallen asleep upstairs, left the gas logs on, and the house is about to burn down with me in it… so he does what any 72 year old would do with a 45 year old son staying at his place…

THE MAN COMES HOME AND JERKS ME OUT OF MY SLEEP ON THE COUCH AND RIPS ME A NEW A*****E. I’m talking veins in the neck bulging, spittle flying while he’s yelling type of new a*****e. For 3°!?!? He then spends FIVE HOURS questioning me on everything about my career, personal life, mental health, etc… truly riding my a*s.

So yeah, probably the last Christmas I ever “come home.”


Image source: jrweekes

80 year old uncle ruined Christmas Eve with family (had to cancel). He got lost while hunting, but not terribly far from road. He heard my brother in law and my grandfather searching for him but was embarrassed so waited to come out at sunrise after everyone went home after hours of searching but before everyone came back (or so he thought). My 80 year old grandfather, uncles brother, had open heart surgery heart this year and is going through radiation for cancer and couldn’t sleep all night thinking his brother died in the woods. Grandfather and other older family members ended feeling so bad from stress we had to cancel.


Image source: undertheradar317, cottonbro studio

Norovirus. Was up all night with a vomiting 6 year old and I had to “sleep” on the floor in their room. He last vomited about 4:30am today.

Stripped the vomit-covered sheets and showered him in the middle of the night because he was covered. My hips are killing me from sleeping on the floor. Merry Christmas!

#11 My dad telling me (a white mom) that I better not make my daughter (black) look ghetto with corn rows. She’s 13 months old and he hasn’t held her, barely acknowledges her. Prob bc she’s black and I’m finding out more and more how racist he is. He won’t be back to my house now. He’s 89 and he can p**s off.

Image source: BoringBreadfruit6759

#12 Grandma forgot where she hid the presents. Haven’t found them yet.

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Image source: GenerousPour, Dagmara Dombrovska

Girlfriend stayed the night. Went to her place this am. Found her cat dead. Had been fighting an illness but had seemed much better.

Wouldn’t say ruined Christmas. Just a sad end of the day.

#14 My mom invited my ex-girlfriend to the family zoom (because she’s still family?). My Girlfriend of two years wasn’t too stoked to meet her.

Image source: ThisIsClay, EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA

#15 Mom got hammered Christmas eve and woke up for a midnight snack of the Christmas dinner. Left it all out and the dog ate it all

Image source: MrGrief, Helena Lopes

#16 Technically happened last night but my cat tripped my mother and she broke her arm on the way down. The ER had a surprisingly short wait time though. Cat is fine and he has no regrets.

Image source: _Saunwolfgirl


Image source: coulsonsrobohand, Polina Tankilevitch

My mom told everyone that there’s not going to be anymore babies in the family anyway, so my sister can throw away my son’s crib.

I am actively trying to get pregnant and have been taking steps and working on my health to make it happen as I had cervical cancer last year and a few other uterine issues. And for those wondering, yes, she and everyone else in the room is aware of all of this.


Image source: SofaKingWeTodIt, Karolina Grabowska

My wife did by immediately after opening all the presents, tell me how disappointed she is in what I got her. Or I guess I did by buying her s****y presents depending on your point of view.

Update to answer some questions:
We’ve been married for 25 years
Most of the gifts were from her Christmas list. She was unhappy that I didn’t also buy things not from the list.

Creative things I’ve surprised her with in the past.

Once I got her favorite artist (Dar Williams) to call her for her birthday.

For her 50th I surprised her with a convertible Vw beetle

I’ve surprised her by flying her friends out to stay with us for Christmas a few years ago.

It’s not that i can’t be creative. I just wasnt this year


Image source: ItIsAContest, Nicole Michalou

My dad just ruined Christmas dinner for me. I was switching two chairs at the dinner table -one with arms was too tight against the table and next to impossible to get into. He literally hollered at me for moving the chair. Apparently he’d done some measuring and was getting a few extra chairs that he thought would only fit a certain way, and was already mad that no one had put the extra leafs in the table. Which I knew nothing about, I was just going to sit next to my kid. It was goddamn humiliating, I know I shouldn’t be the one who was embarrassed and I tried to shake it off but found my eyes welling up with tears anyway. I’m going thru a divorce from my emotionally abusive husband of 20 years and he’s being awful about our 12 year old and I’m just more emotionally fragile than I realized.

#20 The drunk a*****e that was joyriding last night and totalled my car in a hit and run did a good job of ruining my day.

Image source: CanadianMooseGirl, energepic.com

#21 My husband by telling me at dinner that he should have been informed of all my mental health problems before we got together. He said this after I’d spent the previous three hours preparing the dinner he was eating. The irony is he’s chronically ill and hasn’t worked since 2014. Most of my current mental health issues come from being his caregiver and breadwinner.

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Image source: DisengageKL, Anna Shvets

My ex. Told me she was going to stay the night at her mom’s house on Christmas Eve because she missed her. I said yes that’s your mom, go spend time with her and that we’d met up in the morning. Her mom is calling me Christmas morning asking to speak with her and that she couldn’t get ahold of her. I said she should be over there, correct. Her mom said nope she hasn’t seen her all night. That’s how I found out she was cheating on me.

Edit: Thanks everyone for your words. I’m doing fine and will be ok through it all. Going to be living with family for a bit. And for anyone curious, we were together for 5 years.


Image source: Real-Ginger-Ale, Andrew Neel

Drove 4 hours to spend the day with my dad (at his request 3 weeks ago) then immediately after lunch, not even dinner, he said he and his new girlfriend (of 4 weeks) were invited to a friend’s dinner and were going there. My drive was longer than the time spent he spent with me at his house. So now I’m watching Christmas movies and drinking with my grandma instead. After trying fix our relationship that’s been rocky since I was a teenager (now in my 30s), it’s great to realize he truly doesn’t care

#24 Put my husband and kids on a plane to go join the rest of our family on vacation while I drove 12 hours in the opposite direction to be with my dying dad.

Image source: Qy2011


Image source: Forest1395101, Peter Goldberg

Grandparents told everyone how they get one person something really nice each year and that it was finally my turn. They ‘gave’ me the really nice big green egg and patio desk i was saving for. Then after they looked real nice to everyone and everyone else was gone they told me it was actually a loan and I would need to pay them to keep it. I told them to f**k off.

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