10 Times When Rude People Got What They Deserved

Published 1 year ago

Karma can be sweet and satisfying sometimes, especially when you see somebody being an entitled jerk or rude in public and suddenly you see them getting the clapback they deserve. Vindication; its a special kind of feeling that you may even cherish somewhat.

According to these stories narrated by folk on an online group called ‘[Jerk] Tax’, they describe a time that they witnessed a rude person suffering the consequences of their actions, and they are sharing that sense of sweet satisfaction with us too.  Gotta say we love that some of these tales, are downright funny too.

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#1 5$ Tax

Image source: DerpyUncleSteve

#2 Asked My Baby Momma For $500 A Month

Image source: skinny_que

#3 Titles Are Hard

Image source: DylanThompson06

#4 I Have A Boyfriend!

Image source: FrostyFro

#5 8.5x Markup

Image source: bj_swanny

#6 Good For Them, Honestly

Image source: _artbabe95

#7 Found This On /Holup & /Lgbtq

Image source: 1ce_W01f


Take The Discount

Image source: reddit.com

#9 Haggling With Tattoo Artists Is Never Advisable

Image source: jonatgb25

#10 There You Go

Image source: drift0r



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