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20 Terrifying Ocean Pics, As Shared By People In This Online Group

Published 3 months ago

Disclaimer: If you’re one of those people who experience a sense of dread when confronted with deep water, commonly known as thalassophobia, we want to give you a fair warning. This article is not for the faint of heart.

We’ve collected some unsettling images that capture the eerie and mysterious depths of the ocean from this subreddit. While some find these glimpses into the abyss fascinating, others may find them unsettling or anxiety-inducing. So, if you’re ready to face your fears, proceed with caution and enter the world of the unknown.

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#1 Just Hanging Around In Cape Town

Image source: SundayRed

#2 Archaeological Dig Finds And Exposes Whole, 9000-Year-Old Town Swallowed By The Sea

Image source: cardinarium

#3 There’s Nowhere To Run From Whatever May Chase You From The Deep Deep Deeeeep… (Ocean’s Shelter, Positano, Italy)

Image source: itzybudyli

#4 “The Pit” – A Cenote In Tulum Mexico

Image source: queasilyUnderrun

#5 Surfers Over Swirling Silt And Inky Depths. Morro Bay, Ca (USA)

Image source: cchurchcp

#6 A Diver Walking Towards An Abyss

Image source: Common-Reputation434

#7 This Is The Swimming Hole From My Home Town In Texas. It’s The Mouth Of An Underwater Cave System That Still Holds The Unrecovered Bodies Of Divers

Image source: AmissResile

#8 Frightening Tsunami With A Wall Of Jet-Black Water Overwhelming The Seawall. Japan, March 2011

Image source: JurassicPark9265

#9 Rebreather Diving, Eastern Slovakia

Image source: BriskCataract461

#10 “Relaxing” Get Away I Don’t Think So

Image source: Jerkbot69

#11 It’s So Big You Can See The Earth’s Curve

Image source: DDaymens

#12 Cenote Diving At Its Finest

Image source: Common-Reputation434

#13 75 Foot Waves Shaking The Earth As They Roll In. Yet People Surf Them

Image source: crankyape1534

#14 Entrance To Laguna Kaan Luum, Mexico

Image source: pinkblueegreen

#15 This Blue Hole In Croatia

Image source: RitualPayslip715

#16 A Submerged Elephant Statue. Dahab, Egypt

Image source: Yanthir

#17 A Ladder In A Flooded Quarry

Image source: Common-Reputation434

#18 Words Cannot Begin To Express How Terrifying The Thought Of An Abandoned Underwater Mine Is To Me

Image source: BogdanAnime

#19 Submerged Ship Off Alaska Coast

Image source: Jsansfrontieres

#20 Double The Thalassophobia In Lake Leitisvatn In Faroe Islands

Image source: Neolithique

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