20 Bewildering Pics That Make You Do A Double Take

Published 10 months ago

Images that fall into the optical illusion category are a great way to exercise the brain. Confusing your mind and making you wonder what you are even looking at, these images are great because they give you that feel-good “A-ha!” moment when you finally figure it out. 

The ‘Confusing Perspectives‘ subreddit is host to a collection of such images. From mind-boggling imagery that plays around with angles, scales and composition these images may deceive even the most perceptive. So scroll below for a series of such images that may pleasantly challenge and bewilder you with their surrealism. 

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#1 Trippy

Image source: Garlic_Overload

#2 This Colorado Farmland Is Flat But Looks 3D After The Snow Was Blown Around

Image source: ceday94

#3 Skiers Looking Like Music Notes

Image source: vVgimmefronchgooseVv

#4 Centaur

Image source: IAmJenkings

#5 A Photo Of Cemetery Looks Like 2 Images Stitched Together

Image source: yourSAS

#6 Flintstone Jet?

Image source: duncan_D_sorderly

#7 This Cat Emerging From A TV

Image source: farts_tickle_my_nuts

#8 Blankat

Image source: 3vts

#9 Tall Building Without Window

Image source: DKxDK

#10 Charge Your Electric Cat Here

Image source: roygbiv1000

#11 Dog In The Clouds

Image source: cryssbrock

#12 Don’t Worry, It’s Just A Sunset Reflection

Image source: NotAn0reo

#13 The Moon Looks Like Saturn

Image source: Ok_Board_4331

#14 Why My Building Is Not Playing

Image source: Pr1stine69

#15 B2 Bomber Makes It Look Like The Sky Didn’t Load Properly

Image source: ParnsipPeartree

#16 The Perfect Pick Pocket

Image source: TheMoInside

#17 No This Is Not Cannibalism

Image source: Snoo76971

#18 Hiker Got Tired And Needed A Ride

Image source: tamman2000

#19 This Crane Looks Like Its Wearing My Sneakers

Image source: kardashevy

#20 Log Dog

Image source: reddit.com

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