25 Photos From The “Confusing Gravity” Group That Will Make You Do A Double Take

Published 9 months ago

After you see these gravity-defying photographs, the word mind-blowing may come to mind. But you realise that the term seems to have been used loosely in the past because now, due to these incredible captures, you understand the true meaning of the word. 

The Confusing Gravity group has over 43K mind-bending photography enthusiasts following their page. Their content definitely lives up to their name, making your brain feel confused yet awed at the same time. The timing, the lighting, and the skill to click that button at just the right time are commendable attributes of these photographers. Everything is flawlessly executed. But why should we go on about it, when we can let the pictures speak for themselves? 

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#1 If You Flip Your Phone, It’s A Completely New Story

Image source: krakenman24

#2 Stargate Effect Done By Aerial Drone Shot

Image source: HardcoreNature

#3 Went For A Walk This Morning

Image source: reddit.com

#4 If You Turn The “Frozen Water Under A Pier” Photo Upside Down It Turns Into An Industrial Cityscape

Image source: AliisAce

#5 Someone Had A Bad Day But Got A Great Pic Out Of It

Image source: ArmadilloDays

#6 Streets Of San Francisco

Image source: NotUniqueUsernameee

#7 This Picture Of My Kitten In His Cat Tree Always Makes Me Laugh

Image source: caroliner416

#8 Perspective

Image source: hayaimonogachi

#9 Free Fall

Image source: jaymz668

#10 Bicyclist Emergency

Image source: reddit.com

#11 Flying Cruise Ship

Image source: zombaxx

#12 Confusing Gravity

Image source: IranianGenius2

#13 Falling Off Sand Dunes

Image source: Tyedied

#14 These Swimmers Sitting

Image source: Peebi24

#15 Marble Floor Of The Florence Cathedral

Image source: sverdrupian

#16 Stop

Image source: Southruss000

#17 Confusing Gravity

Image source: IranianGenius2

#18 Camera Malfunction

Image source: mfb-

#19 Confusing Gravity

Image source: outc4sted

#20 This Tree

Image source: Anthonyonio

#21 Crow Hopped As I Took His Photo

Image source: Jedi_JJ

#22 This Dog

Image source: Jake_Ilinnuc

#23 ʍoǝɯ

Image source: mgush5

#24 Confusing Gravity

Image source: Royklein12

#25 Damn That’s A Cool UFO

Image source: FortJuan

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