20 Times People Spotted “Shrinkflation” In Real Life And Just Had To Share Them

Published 10 months ago

In a world where consumer prices continue to rise, it’s disheartening to discover that some companies resort to deceptive tactics to maintain their profit margins. One such method is the sneaky practice of shrinking product sizes while keeping the prices the same or even increasing them.

The r/shrinkflation subreddit has become a vigilant watchdog, unmasking these deceitful actions and exposing them to the world. Today, we will unveil some disappointing instances where companies brazenly reduced the size of their products.

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#1 New ‘Xl Pack’ Fabric Conditioner


Image source: Accomplished-Rule-69

#2 The Shrink Flation Of Quality Street Over The Years Is Truly Embarrassing


Image source: Flying_Dutchmen_13

#3 Attraction Of Unprecedented Generosity From S7. Chicken Sandwich


Image source: reddit.com

#4 On The Right The Normal Toblerone And On The Left The New Shrinkflated Toblerone


Image source: Flying_Dutchmen_13

#5 Spotted Mid Changeover


Image source: Fred_Dibnah

#6 Chocolate Digestives Disappeared Off The Shelves For 2 Months, Then Came Back 27% Smaller


Image source: new-username-2017

#7 Pret A Manger Taking Out The Main Bit


Image source: ottercorrect

#8 Why Shrinkflate The Package If You Can Just Put Less Product In The Same Box


Image source: Flying_Dutchmen_13

#9 Shiny Stickers Can’t Fool Me


Image source: Safe_Investigator_25

#10 Apparently 15oz Is “Bigger Size, Better Value” Than 18oz


Image source: Steampunk_Dali

#11 David’s Tea, Such A Dramatic Difference…


Image source: CorruptSoulGem

#12 New Cottee’s Jam!


Image source: breazy_777

#13 The Way They Switched The Millilitres And Grams Almost Tricked Me


Image source: knoidez

#14 Shrinkflation At Its Finest


Image source: Flying_Dutchmen_13

#15 My Dad Sent Me This, He’s Very Passionate About Shrinkflation


Image source: stinkbugsaregross

#16 Shrinkflation Combined With Price Bump = Absolute Greed


Image source: Zingol1

#17 Costco Kirkland Signature Toilet Paper, Sheet From 2023 vs. 2022


Image source: messupbad

#18 Added A Roll From A New Package Of Toilet Roll


Image source: Jo_Doc2505

#19 Not The Oreo Filling! Damn Shrinkflation!!!


Image source: TheHomieAbides

#20 The Fries Are Thicker Than The Burger. Burger King, Jr. Whopper

Image source: Not_on_a_log

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