20 Times People Were Stunned To See How Small And Cramped New York Apartments Are And Posted These Pics As Proof

Published 2 years ago

Imagine the luxury of living in New York City. The Gossip Girl, Sex And The City, The Devil Wears Prada, all these movies and TV series portray the glamorous life of the Empire City. Other than being the location for the best Hollywood films and TV series, NYC is also known for ridiculously expensive rental prices. NYC has been recognized as the most expensive city to rent in the US in 2022.

New York City is not made from rubber, there’s only so much space. With the demand for properties remaining sky-high, it only makes sense that the prices for rent continue to grow as well. Some New Yorkers shared the most unbelievable apartments they had the “pleasure” of viewing or living at which have left them stunned. These might be the worst apartment layouts you’ve ever seen.

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#1 Man Lives In ‘Smallest Apartment In NYC’ – Here’s What It’s Like Inside

Image source: axelwebber


Image source: _bg0ld


Image source: newyorkcityrealtor


Image source: gkar56


Image source: Stefmara


Image source: FarnoushAmiri


Image source: hinadirah

#8 For $800, You Too Can Relax In Spacious Luxury

Image source: theworstroom

#9 If This Room ($900) Looks More Like A Closet, That’s Because It Is!

Image source: worstroom


Image source: tomgara


Image source: ASHES7ll

#12 Overpay In Style For This $800 ‘artist Loft’ Complete With Exposed Plumbing

Image source: theworstroom

#13 $600: Includes A ‘Roommate Who Has To Walk Through Your Room To Get To Theirs’

Image source: theworstroom

#14 Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn. Two bunks $500 and $600 per month. Electricity included.

Image source: worstroom


Image source: NBAjuaann

#16 66 Sq Ft Apartment In NYC

Image source: pwnbiwankenobi


Image source: craigheyne

#18 Bask In Bohemian Basement Glory For Just $1600

Image source: theworstroom


Image source: BrothaGenesis


Image source: caitykauffman

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