Son Posts Mom’s Adorable Photos Of Raccoons Online And People Love Them

Published 4 years ago

When you’re starting out a new hobby, seeing people around you be much better at it can be a little discouraging. You begin doubting yourself and thinking you’ll never be as good as them when in reality all you need is a few words of encouragement. Something similar recently happened to Imgur user Louloucacapoo’s mother. She didn’t believe in her photography skills so the user uploaded some of her photos of her pet raccoons online and people absolutely fell in love with them. Check out the photos in the gallery below!

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After their mother started doubting her photography skills, this Imgur user uploaded some of her pics online

Photos of Boulette and the user’s dogs quickly went viral and it’s not hard to see why – they’re absolutely adorable! And for those who aren’t fluent in French, boulette translates to pellet – cute, isn’t it?

The raccoon seems to get along with the owners’ dogs

The Imgur user and their mother adopted Boulette after her mother got hit by a car.

Just look at the adorable little raccoon!

Although raccoons seems cute and adorable, keeping them as pets can be a hassle – they’re very independent and nosy, and will turn your room upside down just to find some snacks.

Here’s a the Imgurian’s grandma along with 5 doggos, and Boulette

People loved both the photos and the adorable raccoon

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