‘Sounds Toxic, But OK’: 20 Posts About Dealing With Horrible People

Published 10 months ago

Any relationship requires some level of compromise on the part of one or both people. We all have good days and bad days. But there are moments when people finely straddle the line between acceptable and toxic behaviour. 

The “sounds toxic, but ok” Facebook group finds and shares messages and screenshots of people who manage to raise our eyebrows in slightly appalled amusement. So scroll below for a peek at some of their most popular unhinged posts that precariously verge on being labelled full-on toxic. 

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Image source: Kalena MacKinnon


Image source: Avethandwa CrystalAyla Mgqwanca


Image source: Amelia Hope Duurloo


Image source: Mädi Dhay


Image source: Brienna Harris


Image source: Kitty B Silk


Image source: JayZee_Moet


Image source: Lisa Ann


Image source: 97Vercetti


Image source: Alex Hansen


Image source: Ren Herrin


Image source: Alysha AnnMarie


Image source: Carrie Erickson


Image source: Val Mtz


Image source: Charlie Brown


Image source: Ashton Tanner-Franklin


Image source: Ana Moss


Image source: Haylie Haney


Image source: Brighten Alex


Image source: Natalia Martinez

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