20 Unusual Tools Designed By Humans For Unique Problems

Published 1 year ago

Take a trip with us into a world of specialized tools and machines built by humans to complete rather niche but necessary tasks. It’s an interesting combination of technology and rare antiques. Some of the photos below are of tools that you may only otherwise see in a museum display. Just like they are rare, they also give us an insight into the evolving process of human technologies and its impact on tool design. We live in such modern and futuristic times, but it’s amazing how innovative the human mind has always been and what we are capable of creating is sometimes c’est magnifique!

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#1 This Truck For Servicing Street Lamps

Image source: sp00nix

#2 Remote-Controlled Special Excavator To Demolish Cooling Towers Of Nuclear Power Plants

Image source: Peisis

#3 Hollowing Out A Clogg

Image source: FandRB

#4 This Thing To Clean A Kitchen Hand Whisk

Image source: mangowhymango

#5 Star Apple Parer And Slicer, 1871. One Of Three Known To Exist

Image source: ajcpullcom

#6 Scania P360 With A Penetrating “Scorpion Stinger” That Can Penetrate A Building To Deliver Water Directly Into A Fire Without Putting Firefighters In Danger

Image source: Love4BlueMoon

#7 Temporary Traffic Light

Image source: RinShimizu

#8 Beach Cleaning Robot Designed To Pick Up Small Pieces Of Garbage Hidden Beneath The Sand!

Image source:  Zblb

#9 A Sliding Chair To Help Disabled People Into The Sea


Image source: The_good_kid

#10 Network Cable Comber

Image source: mitchellrj

#11 The Spider, An Aerial Lift For Getting Into Tight Spots

Image source: Troooper0987

#12 The Cyanometer. A 230 Year Old Tool Used To Measure The Blueness Of The Sky

Image source: mks113

#13 Mountain Index For Identifying Nearby Peaks In Rocky Mountain Np

Image source: youngrichyoung

#14 A Shoe Testing Machine From The 1940s


Image source:  jonpeeji

#15 Cleaning The Solar Panels

Image source: astorres6030

#16 This Is A Steno Machine, Used For Recording Words Verbatim At Speeds Over 225 Words Per Minute. Used In Court Rooms And Legal Depositions

Image source: Polygraph-Eyes7

#17 Paper Crumpler For Padding Boxes To Ship

Image source: SandPaperPocketPussy

#18 Large Wave Flume At A Wave Research Lab

Image source:  aloofloofah

#19 A Tool For Testing Smoke Alarms. It Covers The Unit Snugly Then Releases A Puff Of Smoke, From There A Bloke On The Control Panel Can Tell Whether It Is Working Properly Or Not

Image source: A_Cat_Named_Frank

#20 Ruler My Allergist Used For Measuring Welts On My Arm After An Allergy Test

Image source: pestyfinesty


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