“What Sounds Completely Illogical But Is Actually Correct?” (25 Answers)

Published 5 months ago

If you love facts that sound a little odd or weird then this collection is for you. Found on a Reddit thread where one user asked, “What’s something that sounds completely illogical but is actually correct?”, these strange facts are bound to take you, a little bit by surprise. 

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#1 Aluminum is infinitely recyclable and one of the worlds most recycled metal

Image source: ComplexSolid6712, La Mary Anne

#2 Sharks existed before Saturn’s rings did.

Image source: Moakmeister, Gerald Schömbs

#3 There is a nerve that connects your brain to your larynx (voice box), but first it goes down your neck, into your chest, and under your aorta before coming back up. Giraffes also have it despite the length of their necks.

Image source:  Symnestra, camilo jimenez

#4 It took decades after the invention of the can to invent the can opener.

Image source: theTenebrus, cottonbro studio

#5 Hmm, did you know that technically speaking, a strawberry isn’t a berry, but a banana is? Sounds weird, but it’s true!

Image source: eva_curls_, Phong Thanh

#6 Saudi Arabia imports camels from Australia

Image source: goth_mary, Wolfgang Hasselmann

#7 You hear your own voice differently than others, that’s why a lot of people get shocked when they listen to their own recordings.

Image source: purpleoyster67, Andrea Piacquadio

#8 Both the moon and Sun are about 400 times farther from Earth than the sizes of their respective diameters. This means that the moon will block out, or “eclipse,” anything behind it that has the same ratio. This is the “cosmic coincidence” that makes solar eclipses possible.

Image source: Seed_Is_Strong, Sebastian Voortman

#9 We live closer in time to the reign of Cleopatra than she did to the building of the pyramids.

Image source: caughtinfire, wiki commons

#10 When magnesium is burned, the ashes weigh more than the magnesium.

Image source: whatintheactualfeth , Geoffrey McKim

#11 Sloths can hold their breath under water longer than dolphins

Image source: havoc_ado, Javier Mazzeo

#12 Cashews grow on the outside of a cashew apple

Image source: NoFinish4978, Quang Nguyen Vinh

#13 The US Army tried a “Camel Corps” in the Southwest, in the early 19th century, mostly as pack animals or using for mail service, as far West as southern California; when the Civil War interrupted their experiment, they sold the camels off, but some escaped. As a result there were feral camels at one point in the Angeles National Forest.

Image source: ThaneOfCawdorrr, إبن الصحراء

#14 If you have 23 people together in a room there is a 50% chance that 2 of them share a birthday (same day and month, not necessarily the same year).

Image source: realmofconfusion, Robert Anderson

#15 The western end of the Panama Canal is the Atlantic Ocean and the eastern end is the Pacific Ocean.

Image source: gbrell, wiki commons

#16 Mail is still delivered via donkey to a place at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Image source: jetmech725, David Selbert

#17 Water expands when frozen but almost everything else contracts when frozen

Image source: tsmitty24, Simon Berger

#18 Spaces between words weren’t introduced until the 7th to 9th centuries, with more widespread adoption occurring in the 10th century.

Image source: Goddamnpassword, Dominika Roseclay

#19 That your skin lacks the receptors to feel wet.

Image source: Odd_Will_3557, Ron Lach

#20 That 1,000,000 (one million) seconds is ~11.6 days, and 1,000,000,000 (one billion) seconds is ~31.7 years.

Image source: jfincher42, Maël BALLAND


Image source: Hindsight_DJ, wiki commons

The double-slit experiment in quantum physics, where you’re firing electrons at a barrier with two slits. Logic suggests you should see two lines on a screen behind the barrier, but instead, you get a pattern like waves interfering with each other, implying each electron goes through both slits simultaneously.

Yet, if you observe which slit they go through, the electrons revert to acting like particles, forming only two lines, as if they ‘know’ they’re being watched. It’s a mind-bending phenomenon that sounds illogical but is scientifically proven.

#22 Inflammable means flammable

Image source: hexagon_son, pexels.com

#23 One day on Venus is longer than one year on Venus.

Image source: SuvenPan, Kevin Gill

#24 If your mayonnaise is too thin add more oil to thicken it. Emulsions are weird.

Image source: _BlueFire_, Sara Cervera

#25 “Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo” is a complete, grammatically correct sentence in the English language.

Image source: Eclectophile, Pixabay

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