Artist Fights Chicago’s Potholes By Filling Them With Ice Cream Mosaics

Published 9 years ago

The pothole is the eternal enemy of tires and suspension systems. And mosaic enthusiast Jim Bachor is fighting back – with mosaics of tasty ice-cream. The new project is called “Treats in the Streets”, and it’s also happening in Finland. While his previous efforts to combat potholes were limited to Chicago, this one has a much more global reach. The artist doesn’t discriminate and presents a wide variety of cool treats. And since it’s Finland, they’re in no danger of melting!

This project isn’t Bachor’s first go at potholes. He started the project in 2013 when he began fixing up Chicago’s infrastructural wounds by laying down mosaics with the colors of the city. Bachor’s second project covered the holes with mosaics of flowers. This peculiar form of art stems from Bachor’s fascination with the ancient world and the timelessness of the pieces: “Marble and glass do not fade. Mortar is mortar. An ancient mosaic looks exactly as intended by the artist who produced it over two millennia ago. What else can claim that kind of staying power? I find this idea simply amazing.”

Bachor’s more flowery attempt at pothole repair can be seen here.

More info: bachor.comFacebook | Instagram (h/t: distractify)

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