20 People That Were Shamed Online For Filing The Most Absurd Complaints

Published 1 year ago

There was an episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8, the reality show where the mom has twins followed by sextuplets, and the couple are trying to film a narration spot for the episode. Jon’s just sitting next to his wife Kate on a couch as she is trying to tell us, the audience, about some drama or the other with the multiple babies when she begins to look increasingly annoyed. Finally, she huffs and stops mid-segment to turn on Jon and viciously asks him if he has to BREATHE so loud. 

No, we cannot hear it, the camera crew and sound guy cannot hear it, and Jon himself doesn’t visually look like he is laboring for breath in any way but Kate just absolutely loses it and goes off at him. To his credit, Jon is clearly uncomfortable but plays it cool and does the whole ‘oh let me stop my breathing cos it irritates my wife haha’ spiel but really it’s telling how sometimes people can just choose to feel like you simply living your life is offending that particular individual in some way. It’s absurd but it seems to happen quite often as proven by the following stories of totally absurd complaints people truly filed for really ridiculous reasons. 

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Image source: anon, Maisie Kane

I once had a coworker file an HR complaint against me for reading books at lunch. I told HR that he’s probably just offended I’m not reading hardcore pornography magazines on the clock like he does.


Image source: QueenMargaery_, Atikah Akhtar

My husband is a dentist. A new patient reported him to the board of dentistry for recommending that she get her teeth cleaned. I still laugh when I think about it.


Image source: anon, Fonsi Fernández

Old lady said I spray painted some garages near my house, I did in fact not, after a while security footage came out that showed her youngest spray painting the garages….


Image source: WolfghengisKhan, cottonbro studio

In gradeschool I was sent to the principals office for lying about my name to a substitute teacher. I gave her my real name and the sub just couldn’t believe someone would name a kid Wolfgang.


Image source: FormoftheBeautiful, Thought Catalog

I once was told there was a high-level (manager and up) meeting being held about me… on account of my emails being written too well.


I can write quick, well-worded emails, and someone in upper management thought that I must have been spending too much time writing my emails, possibly as a means of appearing to be superior to others.


Image source: Bayonethics, Wiktor Karkocha

Got a complaint filed against me by a customer for unnecessary rudeness because I turned down a guy’s offer to take me out on a date. He asked me (repeatedly) while I was working. Dude was at least in his mid 40s; I was 16


My dad got the police/ firefighters called on him because our racist neighbour immediately assumed we were making a fire???? In our backyard??????????????????

Anyway we were having a BBQ lol the firefighters were so p****d.

Image source: Enaiii


I got hired at AT&T right before Covid hit, so I ended up getting laid off around June 2020. Being that I worked from home (I work software QA) I had to mail back all the hardware they’d sent me— iPhones, iPads, an Alexa, a Smart TV, etc. Anyway, I pack it all up, take it to the local UPS and mail it off with the pre-paid labels they’d sent me. I wash my hands of the situation and assume that it’s over and done with. A day later I get a call from the HR lady asking why I had sent them, and I quote, “a 12 pound box of dirty socks.” At first I think this is some poorly thought out prank— but they are dead serious and threatening legal charges as this was well over $500 worth of stuff which counts as grand larceny… AKA a felony in my state. So I look back at the prepaid labels, which were addressed to my boss’s private residence rather than AT&T proper. So that’s a tad off. Plus twelve pounds of dirty socks is a lot to wrangle up and you’d really have to go to great lengths to make that happen between getting the labels and shipping it off. So they keep calling me and threatening me for hours— so I call my lawyer, and I call the UPS to make sure they have CCTV footage of me mailing everything off during my previous visit— I then tell the s**t heads at AT&T to reach out to my lawyer if they have any other questions. And then… “miraculously” they found all the “missing” equipment five minutes later. The head of my team probably just wanted to sell that s**t on Craigslist or something and make me his patsy. But as soon as they got a sniff of litigation, the stuff just “magically appeared.” A felony pretty much ruins your whole life in the US. F**k that guy and F**K AT&T.

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Image source: Antieque, Priscilla Du Preez

When I met my fiance she lived in a rented house. One date we were at her place and at some point we watched a random YouTube video of a raven saying the F word. We laughed a lot for around 5 minutes unable to talk or do anything but laugh. It was in the middle of the day.

The neighboor wrote an angry letter to the owner of the house telling him “to put us back in line, laughing so much in the middle of the day”.

What kind of psycho writes a letter of complain for someone laughing for 5 minutes.


Image source: weeabooty420, Christina @ wocintechchat.com

I was training a new employee (I was early 20s, she was late 40s) and I told her that if we finished our work a few minutes before break, we could stand around as long as we were available to customer questions. She told on me and I got written up the next day. Now I only train exactly what we’re supposed to do.


I almost gotten written up at work because a local radio DJ came into the store and “I treated them like all the other customers” as in I didn’t fall all over her “celebrity”.

Image source: Special-bird


Image source: TheChesterChesterton, Yuri Figueiredo

A coworker hugged me when I gave her a birthday present. Later I was pulled into my supervisor’s office because someone reported us for “inappropriate PDA.”


Image source: SugarHooves, PNW Production

I jokingly told co-workers I was feeling disgruntled that day. The administrative assistant (whose job I was actively training for) overheard me and reported me to the boss. I had to have a sit down meet with them both and got written up for not “boosting team morale”. Another time the same AA went into the bathroom after me and noted that I did not refill the toilet paper while I was in there. Again, had to have a meeting over it. I was SO happy when she left.

EDIT: I was a large public bathroom with 4 stalls. I didn’t leave the place without any toilet paper. One of the stalls was running low and apparently I should have checked it and put more rolls in.


I was a recent new hire, and transferred between divisions. I responded to my new Managing Director with an affirmative “Yes, Ma’am” when she gave me some new tasks during a meeting. She reported me to HR for sexual harassment and insubordination. I am from the Texas. This is how I was taught to show respect.

Image source: Ohmytripodtheory


I once had a coworker whose husband was Jewish, and she took every opportunity to mention this fact and talk as if she were an expert on Jewishness.

Having many Jewish family members myself, I figured that since each of us had Jewish loved ones it’d be a topic we could bond over. When she talked about her husband and her cross-cultural Jewish experience, I’d relate my own experiences with my family.

It wasn’t long before I was called into HR and told that she was “highly offended” by how I talked about Jewish people. Not a word I said about my family or Jewish people/culture in general was anything but the highest praise and affection.

The HR manager explained that this particular coworker was a consistent pain in her a*s, always coming to her to complain about being offended by one thing or another. In this case, she didn’t think any genuine offense was taken, but rather that the woman felt special for having a Jewish husband and that me also having Jewish family must have made her feel like she wasn’t special anymore.

Needless to say I was not reprimanded in any way, and the coworker in question was eventually fired. Probably for being a constant chunk of snot in HR’s cornflakes.

Image source: The_Lawn_Ninja


I work at Walmart

A customer complained that I was on my phone the whole time.
If you work at Walmart or any retail place. then you know we have those stupid android handhelds. I use it to make sure grown adults aren’t stealing and to do age checks and stuff.

My manger looked at the video and was like yeah. That’a not a phone it’s just something she needs to do her job…

Customer just couldn’t comprehend that.

Image source: Mads21xx


Image source: PlaySomeKickPunch, iam_os

Actual feedback I got from a customer:

>Was your request completed to your expectations? 10/10

>Did you feel valued? 2/10

>Comment: This should have been handled by an older member of staff.

F**k me for being young and good at my job. Cost me a good chunk of my bonus.


Image source: KraziKarter, ELEVATE


I got reported to HR because a coworker made a sexual joke to me and I laughed. She reported me and HR talked to me because she felt I laughed “too enthusiastically.” This was when I worked at the same place as my wife and was very careful to keep my nose clean. That was the last straw, I updated my resume and was gone shortly after.


Image source: vile_lullaby, RODNAE Productions

Working in retail I once said “you guys have a great day” I was reported by an elderly women who objected to not being addressed as “mam” she also objected to “have a great day” because she had come into the aquarium store because her fish was dead and she was upset that someone would tell her to “have a great day” when her fish had died.


A girl reported my son for assaulting her in school. She claimed that her neck was still hurting her the night after the “assault.” Now, my son is autistic and at the time had an aide that followed him around everywhere. Even setting aside the fact that my son isn’t violent (he’s more likely to break down into tears than actually fight), why didn’t his aide see this assault?

Upon looking into the matter we had our answer. The normal aide was out for the day and the substitute aide left our son to get his lunch in the cafeteria while he (the aide) got his own lunch. Now, our son’s IEP specifically stated that he was not to be left alone in the cafeteria. The noise and chaos wreck havoc with him. So the aide leaving him alone in that situation was a breach of his IEP which could mean we could initiate legal action if we wanted.

Furthermore, our son claimed that he saw the girl, walked up to her and tapped her in the shoulder to get her attention in order to say hi. This was corroborated by security camera recordings.

We were told that technically our son broke school rules with the shoulder tap. We countered that they were free to punish him for a shoulder tap but then we’d go after the school for violating his IEP that put him in the situation to begin with. In the end, he was simply reminded not to touch other people even if he thought it was a friendly manner.

Meanwhile, I don’t think the girl was punished at all even though she had been going around school telling people that our son assaulted her. (Including telling her sister who was mildly friendly with my son, trying to break that up.) She was brought in for a meeting where she reiterated that she was assaulted and her neck still hurt. Then she was shown the shoulder tap video. At most, she might have gotten a warning, but that was it.

Image source: TechyDad

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