20 Novelty Wedding Concepts People Shared To The Online “Wedding Planning” Group

Published 1 year ago

While wedding planning can be a tedious and painstaking process, for some it’s a chance to get crazy and showcase their whimsical natures in a celebration of love. While either works depending on the individual’s preference, these particular wedding ideas we found an online group called “Wedding Planning” are spectacularly novel. Highlighting creative ways to tie the knot, the following wedding pics may inspire more adventurous wedding enthusiasts to try out something different to the traditional pomp expected of one’s big day.

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#1 We Weren’t Ready For The First Picture – The Flash Went Off So Quickly! Turns Out I Wasn’t Ready For The Next 3 Pictures Either!

Image source: whatsoctoberfeast

#2 With The Beautiful Parent Pictures Being Posted, I Thought It Would Be Nice To Talk About How Wedditors Included Loved Ones Who Passed. Here’s How My Parents ‘Walked’ Me Down The Aisle

Image source: keksdiebeste

#3 My Totally Non-Traditional Totally Awesome Dress! The Giant Purple Skirt Was Removable For Dancing, Underneath Was A Silk Sheath With Short Mermaid Train

Image source: WhiskeySteeves

#4 My Fiancé Is A Musician, And I Am An Artist So I’m Making Those Faceless Cartoonized Portraits, But I’m Painting Them On Vinyl Records Of Each Of Our Guests For Wedding Favors! I Wanted Something Unique That Would Show Our Guests Our Love And Appreciation Of Them

Image source: avid_life

#5 I Couldn’t Find A Law & Order Save The Date, So I Made My Own!

Image source: poutyfish

#6 Had A Vision For My Oddly Sized Bhldn Belize Dress And Made It A Reality! It Fit Me Perfectly In Length And Sleeves But The Back Was So Narrow- So I Had Had It Removed!

Image source: clurmonnier

#7 Finally Had My Hair Trial, What Do You Think ?

Image source: edlihtaemih

#8 Made A Bracelet Out Of My Mom And Grandma’s Wedding Dresses!

Image source: TheFrauMeow

#9 July 18, 2020! We Went Ahead With A Smaller Wedding But Splurged On A Helicopter Ride For Photos Before The Ceremony

Image source: EmilyLynn

#10 I Cross Stitched All Our Guests For Our Place Names

Image source: pemma25

#11 The Wedding Invites I Designed Came In! I’m An Illustrator And Designing My Wedding Invites Was Something I Was Really Looking Forward To

Image source: DragonRider001

#12 Our Bob’s Burgers Custom Save The Dates!

Image source: Mysza88

#13 So Blown Away By The Wedding Pie That My Friend Made For Me As A Gift

Image source: amandawtwong

#14 A Part Of Me Was Worried I Would Regret Not Wearing A Dress For Our Wedding. Needless To Say Once We Got The Photos Back I No Longer Cared About The Dress

Image source: sarbrosious

#15 I Asked Our Photographer To Take “Overdramatic Soap Opera Cast Photos” Of The Wedding Party. He Freaking Nailed It

Image source: HeyGirlLemmePikachu

#16 My Green “Wedding” Dress. Don’t Let Anyone Tell You What To Do – Do You With Your Wedding

Image source: Danswoman

#17 Did The Damn Thing!

Image source: afriikaana

#18 The Moment Your Parents Roast You Instead Of Toast You

Image source: inalittleindia

#19 My DIY Thrift-Flipped Wedding Dress!!

Image source: sarcastic_ginger

#20 For The Unconventional Brides-To-Be, We Tied The Knot In Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors Exhibit!

Image source: everything_is_super

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