Subway Employees Are Sharing 20 Funny Pics Of Their Daily Struggles

Published 2 years ago

Going to a Subway outlet for the first time could be a bit overwhelming as you have to keep answering so many questions about how you want your food. But when you get used to it, it’s quite fun to add different toppings and experiment with flavors.

However, the employees of Subway often go through a tough time sorting and arranging every customer’s demands. Sometimes, customers can also make them smile though. The subreddit ‘Subway’ lets us take a peek into the lives of subway employees. Scroll below to see some of the weirdest, funniest, and most wholesome posts shared by Subway employees.

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#1 Good For You, Buddy. Good For You

Image source: copee

#2 Saucy

Image source: Formal-Work6110

#3 Exxxxtra Olives

Image source: anonsandwichartist

#4 Around 1 Sub Per Minute Sounds Pretty Impressive To Me!

Image source: yoitzeli2020,

#5 I Gave Them Extra Cookies

Image source: PiePuzzleheaded501

#6 *cryng Inside*

Image source: HundredPannyz

#7 Holy S**t

Image source: SpunkySpaceCat

#8 Today Our Regular Karen Came In Acting Kind For The First Time And Handed Us This Note When She Left

Image source: LavishnessShot9528

#9 We Followed The Special Instructions. This Is Now One Of My Favorite Customers

Image source: beingthebestmetoday

#10 First Time Seeing A Sign Like This, Made Me Chuckle

Image source: ltchyHemorrhoid

#11 When You Outsmart Your Customers By Exposing Your Store’s Secrets

Image source: derpyleafhorse

#12 I’m 10’5/178cm

Image source: BllueShadow

#13 Are You Guys Open?

Image source: PlsHMe

#14 Little Did This Poor Guy Know, My Boss Forgot To Remove Pickles From Our UberEats

Image source: eggibrd

#15 Has This Been Done Already

Image source: Airscrewed

#16 My Local Subway Has This Above The Veggies

Image source: smiller409

#17 So This Is How My Morning Went

Image source: nerdinator2000

#18 For All Of Us Out There

Image source: GrowthIndividual

#19 I Actually Have People Ask Why I Have This Up

Image source: nicklulu1994

#20 Why

Image source: Bbjizz

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