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20 Surreal Photos From Norilsk, Russia’s Coldest City, That Just Got Two Months Worth Of Snow In 5 Days

Published 2 months ago

Norilsk, a Russian city located deep within Siberia, is considered the coldest large city in all of Russia and one of the coldest in the whole world. And since it’s also the northernmost city in the whole country, a little snow has never really surprised its residents. However, what did surprise them was the recent sudden snowfall that delivered two months worth of snow in just five days, quickly transforming Norilsk into a winter wonderland.

According to a report by the Krasnoyarsk hydrometeorological center, there has been a 194% increase in monthly precipitation, and to top it all off, the residents of Norilsk had to deal with wind gusts reaching speeds of up to 27 meters per second. Needless to say, “harsh” doesn’t even begin to describe the current conditions in the city.

Check out some surreal-looking pictures of the snowfall that Norilsk is currently dealing with in the gallery below!

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