35 Movies That Are Great Except For Small Unrealistic Moments

Published 6 months ago

It can be incredibly annoying to watch a really good movie and be thrown off your viewing experience by some implausible action or impossible move. Whether it’s a high school scene where suddenly the rival high school students have come to scope out their enemies or a scene where some gangsta dude just walks in casually killing everyone and nobody goes to jail, certain movie scenarios seem highly improbable.

Yes, we are aware that it’s not real life but sometimes the quality of the movie can be excellent except for these tiny flaws. Recently, Redditors got together to discuss movies which could have tried just a little bit harder to be more realistic. Scroll below for a collection of opinions on which films caused folks to seriously suspend their disbelief just so they could keep enjoying the movie. 

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#1 In the disaster movies people don’t hoard toilet paper.

Image source: anon, Anna Shvets

#2 90% of the depictions of women going into labor. It’s rarely ‘Mom feels fine all day > suddenly has one sharp contraction > water immediately breaks and makes a puddle on the floor. Everyone I know who’s given birth has had at least a few hours contracting before the water breaking, if it breaks at all, and then it can be even longer before you’re in active labor.

Image source: Teamnotaninja, Warner Bros. Television Studios

#3 If someone is falling, and say Superman catches them, they’re actually f****d because the forces involved are still going to tear them apart. Superman would have to catch them and decelerate them over time, but this almost never happens. He just catches them. You also can’t just lift an enormously heavy object. The object has to have the structural integrity to remain in one piece – all that pressure at one point (Superman’s hand) would make the object break apart.

Image source: anon, Warner Bros. Pictures

#4 Pretty much everything to do with sleeping:

* No awkward clean up after doing the deed
* Ever so gently waking up in a room that is already brighter than the sun
* Immediately kissing and talking right at each other without recoiling from morning breath
* Perfect hair and make-up, both going to bed and waking up
* The infamous L-shaped sheet of modesty

Image source: Fill-A-Stein

#5 There’s the trope of people in advertising having to stay late around the holidays, rushing to finish up the holiday campaign for the new client and having to choose between their career and their family. Yeah, that would not happen very often.

Image source: -eDgAR-, Hallmark Channel

In reality the holiday campaign would have been finalized quite some time ago after months of planning, back-and-forth with the client, reviewing layouts/proofs, etc. Around the holiday season we would most likely be working on planning stuff for the spring/summer of the next year.

#6 “The neutrinos are mutating!” -2012. Neutrinos can’t f*****g mutate. They can’t even decay.

Image source: Smol_swol, Columbia Pictures

#7 People getting knocked out and waking up a bit later, shaking their heads, and then heading off like normal. Getting knocked out is not like lightly bumping your head on something.

Image source: -eDgAR-

#8 When a baby is born and it’s a beautiful, squeaky clean 3-6 month old twice the size of a newborn. They are tiny, goo covered, swollen purple aliens IRL.

Image source: Sheilaria, ABC Studios

#9 Crawling through air ducts. Most aren’t that big. Or they aren’t that strong to not bend or break at all. They are also incredibly filthy. I have taken out enough duct work to know that you could almost create another person with how many skin cells end up in your air ducts. I also am not doubting the strength of the large threaded supports some duct work has. I’m doubting the strength of the 20 gauge metal to not end bend in the slightest under the weight of a full grown man.

Image source: ametad13, 20th Century Fox

#10 Rolling out of a speeding car. Na man, you’re about to look like you made out with a cheese grater.

Image source: FlamDroppem, Warner Bros. Pictures

#11 How “beautiful” depression and disorders are. How it makes you so dainty and pretty and soft. If you threw up your guts every night you would not be bright eyed and gentle with luscious hair and strong nails. If you were depressed you aren’t sitting prettily, and looking mysterious. And don’t get me started on how suicides are NOT that easy, nor that painless and perfect.

Image source: toxicctenn

#12 When some random person in a bar yells out ”next round is on me!”, Everybody cheers, and the bartenders instantly start handing out drinks without ever talking to the person or getting any kind of payment.

Image source: Zero111of160cru

#13 It always takes me out of the movie when say someone will be like “you’ll never believe what’s on the news. Put it on”. Their tv is off, they turn the tv on, and it’s on the EXACT station of said news crew, at the EXACT moment they’re talking about I said topic. That’s not how it works. And it could be anything. Not just news. They turn on the tv and it just so happens to be on what they’re looking for. Just a small aspect of television/movies that takes me out of it and I’m always like “that’s not how this works.”. Lol

Image source: Bobaaganoosh

#14 Pumping the shotgun every time you mean business. You’re just ejecting fresh shells on to the floor.

Image source: MeMuzzta, Gus Johnson

#15 ::15 seconds of keyboard clicking:: “I’m in. Now we have access to all the super secret classified government files and can control anything that runs on electricity anywhere in the world.”

Image source: JADW27, Anonymous Content

#16 Pretty much any scene where there’s some magic computer program that turns blurry, heavily-pixellated images into razor sharp photos? Yeah. That doesn’t exist.

Image source: 20YearsOfWinter, Warner Bros. Pictures

#17 The amount of time between responses in phone conversations.

“Hi mom.”

*1.37 seconds later*

“What do you mean Larry and his ferret were hit by a scooter in Moscow!?”

Image source: toddsiegrist

#18 There was a scene in the GI Joe cobra movie where they torpedo ice bergs, and then they sank. Yeah, ice doesn’t change its density to be heavier than water just because EXPLOSIONS

Image source: _c_2_w_, Spyglass Entertainment

#19 Our hero is beaten, stabbed and shot. Next scene he wakes up bandaged in the hospital. Within seconds, he yanks out all the tubes and wires, jumps out of bed, finds his – suddenly clean – clothes, and rushes out to continue his quest. In the next scene he’s full of energy as he pursues his foe, and while his face may have a single scratch or bandaged cut – usually above one eye – there’s no sign of what would ordinarily be a yellow-purple swollen pulpy mess with blood-red eyes.

Image source: guanaco32

#20 An explosion nearby and everyone talks and hears fine. I love that scene in The Other Guys about this.

Image source: cardmanimgur, Columbia Pictures

#21 One that always gets me is when “medical professionals” shock a flatline heart rhythm.

Image source: czp55

#22 My dad was a pipe engineer for 35 years. Every time he watches The Titanic, when Jack is handcuffed to the pipe, he has to point out to everyone in the room how the curved elbow pipe in the shot didn’t exist at the time. The correct setup should have been two straight pieces soldered together to make a corner pipe. I love him and his obscure dad facts!

Image source: clemstu, Paramount Pictures

#23 Chloroform. It takes several minutes to knock you out, and you won’t be out for that long. I promise I know this because we use chloroform to clean stuff in the lab I intern at, and my advisor told me this. In case the FBI is reading this.

Image source: RosettaGermain, Warner Bros. Television

#24 EpiPen usage!! You HAVE to call the ambulance or rush to the hospital after administering it. EpiPen’s are not a magical fix they simply buy you enough time to get to medical care. It bothers me relentlessly when movies show someone being given and EpiPen and they just take a big gasp of air and go back to eating dinner like nothing happened.

Image source: Anonymouspickle88

#25 When the guy stalks the girl and gets the girl in the end

Image source: ishbam

#26 When someone shoots 10000000000000000 bullets with a single magazine in a pistol but then it runs out when they have an actual shot at someone

Image source: reddittopasstime, Columbia Pictures

#27 Hitting animals with tranquillizer darts and they collapse immediately.

The reality is that it can take 30-45 minutes for an animal to go down completely, longer if the animal is agitated.

This is why when kids fall into gorilla pits, the lethal weapons are used. Responders don’t have 30-45 minutes to wait for a large, agitated dangerous animal to stumble around and possibly injure someone. The response has to be immediate, and tranquilizers don’t do that.

Image source: BootyDoISeeYou

#28 There is no cleaning up before or after sex. Everyone is just ready to go allll the time!

Image source: sherlockholmiex

#29 The extent that people can get punched in the face and just keep going. No one is having Jason Bourne style fights and able to keep going for as long as they all do.

Image source: anon, Universal Pictures

#30 Every time they perform CPR in a movie. Bonus points if the victim wakes up immediately and is totally fine and talking.

Image source: Fuzzy-Guarantee, Columbia Pictures

#31 Anytime sword fighting or fencing in a movie is related to dancing (looking at you Pirates of the Caribbean and GoT.)

Image source: ferocitanium, Walt Disney Pictures

It’s the exact opposite of dancing. The point is to have a completely unpredictable tempo and, if your opponent does have a specific rhythm, to interrupt it in unpredictable ways.

Source: fenced for ten years.

#32 Pretty much any scene that involves biologists. “Look, the DNA is a perfect match!” as the computer superimposes two identical graphics that are basically just the symbol for DNA ?.

Image source: ditchdiggergirl, Columbia Pictures

#33 Frantically shouting “TAXI!!!” while hailing a cab

Image source: catsandcoffee85, HBO Entertainment

#34 I refused to see the movie Lucy because it was based around the myth “we only ever use 10% of our brain.” Like, no we don’t? We use the whole thing. We cannot just unlock our brains with fancy tech or drugs and suddenly have telekinesis and s**t.

Image source: CannaK

#35 Basically any time they show lab work being done. They either don’t wear PPE, or they do wear it but don’t wear it properly, or for the right things. Food/beverage/chewing gum in a lab is a big big no. If some character in a drama TV show walked into my lab demanding results, the first thing I’d do is give them safety glasses…

Image source: plaidporcupine, Universal Pictures

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