Sweets You Remember As A Kid

Published 8 years ago

We don’t know about you, but when we were kids one of our favourite things to do was head down to the local corner shop and pick up a bag of penny sweets on the way home from school. It was the best treat for when that bell rang and we finished school! Don’t you agree?

What were your favourite sweets you remember as a kid? Here we look at a few of the nation’s favourite, and even reveal where you might be able to pick up a few from now! Retro Sweet are here to evoke nostalgia and take you back to a simpler time, whether you’re a Goonies loving 80’s kid, a neon obsessed 90’s kid or looking for sweets from even further back, there’s something for everyone!

Rhubarb and Custard

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Rhubarb and Custard

These sweets were created when sweet making first hit its peak, after the second world war when sugar was no longer in short supply. Based on the dessert, these evoke nostalgia and the sweets created a perfect opportunity for kids to enjoy the much loved dessert whenever they wanted to!

Hard boiled sweets are always going to be a much loved favourite, and definitely one that you remember having in your pic ‘n’ mix as a kid!

Smarties Letter Lid

Smarties Letter Lid

Only true 90’s kids will remember getting a packet of Smarties and discovering what letter was lying behind the lid! Changing in packaging have meant that the plastic lid is long gone, but we still remember collecting the lids and pretending the letting on the inside of the packet was the first initial of the person you were going to marry! (Kids, eh?)

Flying Saucers

One of our favourite sweets as a kid was of course the flying saucer, a time when space exploration was relatively new to us Flying Saucers gave us the perfect sweet treat filled with sherbet for that extra something in the middle!

Wham Bar

Wham Bar

Another sweet treat with sherbet in it! We’re seeing a theme here… Wham Bars are a true 80’s favourite, these distinctive pink chew bars offer a true throwback to your childhood. We all love the original raspberry taste, but now there’s now even more flavours to choose from including Sour Apple, Irn Bru and Cola.

Aniseed Twists

Did you know aniseed first became available in the UK in 1918? That’s a long history for one of your favourite childhood sweets! We know these ones aren’t for everyone, with their distinctive taste. Originally used to sooth sore throats and coughs, these sweets became a favourite amongst children and they definitely still loved amongst many today! Whether it is an older generation looking for something nostalgic to satisfy their sweet tooth, or children who still love to fill their pic ‘n’ mix bags with old favourites, aniseed is a British classic.

If you’re looking for somewhere you can pick up your old favourites, look no further! Retro Sweet offer the best collection of your favourite sweets that you remember from being a child, and they make the perfect gifts for loved ones too. Surprise someone with a few of their favourite nostalgic sugary treats with a gift from Retro Sweet.

Article supplied by Retro Sweet.

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