20 Funny Memes Inspired By Taylor Swift’s Lyric “You Wouldn’t Last An Hour In The Asylum Where They Raised Me”

Published 2 months ago

If you’ve been active on social media lately, you might have come across a trend featuring pictures captioned with “You Wouldn’t Last An Hour In The Asylum Where They Raised Me.” This phrase has taken the internet by storm as a meme, and if you’re not sure where it originated, it’s from the lyrics of one of Taylor Swift’s recent songs. 

These memes showcase a variety of images, ranging from snapshots of the game Sims to old Tumblr posts and past influencers. They represent significant influences from people’s upbringing or experiences later in life. If you’re curious about what shaped individuals in the past, regardless of the time frame, take a look at some examples below and enjoy.

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Image source: GillianA

Natasha Arruda: Is that the Actual account for Scully’s actress? If so that’s awesome.


Image source: feelingsstores

Emily Jones: Starkid’s ‘A Very Potter Musical’. It’s brilliant and free on youtube, go watch it!


Image source: DCHomos


Image source: delenacastaways


Image source: HistoryMuppet


Image source: minorlyswift


Image source: slittening


Image source: victorinluv


Image source: theroleycoley

Sarinz: THIS. So many hours… Anyway, now there’s AO3…


Image source: faintghostglow

Natasha Arruda: “Bitey water puppy.” -My last words before dying trying to pet it.


Image source: fvckmeupflorida


Image source: churros4star

Joseph Stillman:  STAMPY!!!!!!!! MY CHILDHOOD HERO!


Image source: LissaJoStewart


Image source: joshsorbe


Image source: idolflashdrive

Suck it Trebek: We had one of these in my neighbourhood growing up. They were only open for use a couple times per year and for competitions. I never had the guts to do these even the shortest was taller than the standard high dive. I’m pretty sure we still have these. Haven’t been to thiside of my town for a while but I have a feeling they are likely derelict and never used any longer. Sad.


Image source: zoiejanelle


Image source: trumanpotb

Kira Okah: Heh, tumblr. I have it open in another tab. I’m still in that ball pit!


Image source: TisTheDamnPhD


Image source: wIwsfilm


Image source: zephanijong

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