30 Moments That Left This High School Teacher Struggling For Words

Published 4 months ago

Teaching is often hailed as a noble profession, but behind the desks and lesson plans lies a world filled with unexpected hilarity and heartwarming moments. Enter Andrea Michelle, affectionately known as Educator Andrea, a high school English teacher whose candid TikTok videos have captured the attention of thousands, showcasing the delightful chaos that ensues in the realm of education.

One of the recurring themes in Andrea’s videos is the unexpected moments that keep her on her toes. From quirky student antics to unpredictable classroom dynamics, she embraces the chaos with grace and humor, turning each situation into a fun experience.

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Image source: educatorandrea, Shawna Pairan/Flickr (not the actual photo)

I once accidentally wore two different shoes to work. And after one of my students informed me that today’s not the day I get to give life advice, another student informed me that if I was part of a gang, I would be called “Andy Two Shoes.”


Image source: educatorandrea, Max Fischer/Pexels (not the actual photo)

One student said, “You are my biggest hater and my biggest supporter.” Like. yeah, it’s called teaching.


Image source: educatorandrea, Katerina Holmes/Pexels (not the actual photo)

I had had a really tough day with one of my students that was just challenging, we’ll say. And afterwards, you know, we had a heart to heart, and he said, “You know, miss, you are my favorite teacher.” And before I could stop myself, I said, “Dear God, what is it like for the teachers that you don’t like?”


Image source: educatorandrea, Katerina Holmes/Pexels (not the actual photo)

I had one student tell another student to consume a satchel of Richards, which is impolite. But it also did lead to me recommending them for AP Language the next year because, I mean, you’ve got to encourage that kind of control of the English language.


Image source: educatorandrea, Max Fischer/Pexels (not the actual photo)

On Fridays, before students left for the weekend, I would tell them not to make a life, take a life, and not get arrested. And one day, one of my students looked at me and said, “You know what, miss? We love you, but you can’t be infringing on our rights like that.”


Image source: educatorandrea, RDNE Stock project/Pexels (not the actual photo)

One of my students came back from taking a fat dump in the bathroom. And I said, “Welcome back.” And he said, “Do you want to see a picture?” I said, “I do not. Thank you. Why are you taking pictures of your dumps?” And he said, “For the group chat.”


Image source: educatorandrea, Pixabay/Pexels (not the actual photo)

One of my students was late to class and I didn’t think anything of it. But then he came back in and he said, “Did you check your DMs on Instagram?” and I was like, “I’m instructing.” And he said, “You should check,” and I looked and he messaged me that he was taking a massive dump. And he also included an audio file. And I had to explain to him that at no point in time ever will I open an audio file from him that he sends from the bathroom. He swore up and down that it was just him explaining that he was going to be a little late to class. But we’ll never know for sure.


Image source: educatorandrea, milo-photo/Flickr (not the actual photo)

My students were asking what I was going to be eating for lunch, and I told them I had a sandwich. They said, “Are you excited?” I said, “Not really, the bread’s a little bit dry. You know, so, not great.” And one of my students said, “Dry and crusty, just like your mom.”


Image source: educatorandrea, Katerina Holmes/Pexels (not the actual photo)

A school student started their presentation by saying, “I’m the GOAT and that requires no explanation.”


Image source: educatorandrea, Mikhail Nilov/Pexels (not the actual photo)

I was getting observed and the principal walked in the room and the principal sat down behind this girl. And this girl just turned and she looked at the principal. Then she looked at me and she looked at the principal. Then she looked at me. Then she started giving me this nod, like… And I was like, no, no, I’m not nodding back because I don’t know exactly what the extent of your nod is that you want me to nod. I’m not agreeing to anything that you’re about to do. And then she looked back at the principal, looked at me, looked at the principal, and ripped out a chunk of her hair, looked at the principal and went and just blew the hair in the direction of the principal.


Image source: educatorandrea, Arthur Krijgsman/Pexels (not the actual photo)

I was introducing ‘Lord Of The Flies’ and I was so excited. I had green streamers up. I was playing Welcome to the Jungle. And I had this kind of like escape room scenario where I made the students kind of take control of the class and do this whole activity together. And it just descended into chaos. It was so cool and I’d worked so hard on it. Afterwards, I’m having them write a reflection. And one of the students said at the very end, “I thought we were going to do something fun today.”


Image source: educatorandrea, Philipp Pistis/Pexels (not the actual photo)

I was trying to get them to give me examples of words that weren’t swear words, but not really phrases or words that we would use in a classroom environment. One of my students said, “Well, blue waffle.” And I said, “What’s that?” They said “Google it.” And I did.


Image source: educatorandrea, Katerina Holmes/Pexels (not the actual photo)

I had a student that came up to me and asked if they [unalived] somebody but they had a signed note from the person they [unalived] saying it was okay, is that legal? I said, probably not in this state.


Image source: educatorandrea, rusvaplauke/Flickr (not the actual photo)

I had a student pull out a loaf of bread, a jar of jelly, and a jar of peanut butter, and start making himself peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at 8:00 in the morning while I was teaching. And I said, “What are you doing?” And he said, “I’m making breakfast. Did you want some?” “Yes, please.”


Image source: educatorandrea, Alexander Dummer/Pexels (not the actual photo)

A little kindergartener came up and got like real, real close to me and said, “I like the smell of you.”


Image source: educatorandrea, RDNE Stock project/Pexels (not the actual photo)

This eighth grader laughed so hard at his own joke in class that he farted and then peed. He needed new pants.


Image source: educatorandrea, mali maeder/Pexels (not the actual photo)

One of the girls in my class asked me where the male strip club was. And I said, “Even if I did know, would you want to know that I know?”


Image source: educatorandrea, RDNE Stock project/Pexels (not the actual photo)

Two girls got into a full-on brawl in my class, like scratching and the hair pulling and all of that. Eventually they were returned to my classroom and I asked them like, “What happened?” She said, “Miss, she said my elbow looks like an uncrustable. I’m not about to let that stand.”


Image source: educatorandrea, Tima Miroshnichenko/Pexels (not the actual photo)

My students came back from a long weekend and I was like, “Guys, how was your weekend? Did you have fun? Don’t tell me anything illegal.” And one of my students raised his hand and said, “Yes, I had a great weekend. And I was only lightly arrested at the end of it.”


Image source: educatorandrea, Renz Macorol/Pexels (not the actual photo)

I was in the midst of explaining to my students what they should and should not share with me as an educator and authority figure, and a student brought out their vape and said, “What about this? Do you have to report me for that?” Yes.


Image source: educatorandrea, Artem Podrez/Pexels (not the actual photo)

I got bangs last Christmas and when I came back from the break, one of my students looked at me, took a heavy sigh and said, “There it is, my 13th reason.”


Image source: educatorandrea, RDNE Stock project/Pexels (not the actual photo)

One day I was walking between classes and I saw a group of boys huddled together, all had something between their fingers. And somebody had a lighter in the center. And I’m like, ‘In the broadest of daylights, really?’ So I went up and I said, “Hey, you guys,” and they turned around, and every single one of them was holding a dry spaghetti noodle between their fingers.


Image source: educatorandrea, Unknown

I was giving my students a little bit of context before we started reading ‘Animal Farm’. So I put up a picture of Joseph Stalin and one of my students yelled, “Smash.” And I explained that maybe we should not ‘smash’ evil dictators and she said, “It’s okay, I’ll still take that mustache ride.”


Image source: educatorandrea, Sue Thompson/Pexels (not the actual photo)

In the middle of teaching, this kid just took a COVID test. He swabbed and he took it. And another kid looked at him and he goes, “Yo, I swear to God, if that test is positive, I’m breaking your jaw.” And I just looked at him, I was like, “You better hope it’s negative.”


Image source: educatorandrea, nappy/Pexels (not the actual photo)

One of my students figured out how to make GIFs, so naturally, they created a GIF of their male friend twerking and embedded it into a slideshow before submitting it to me.


When we finished reading Lord Of The Flies, I served my students some pulled pork that I had made myself, and I was really excited to share it with them. And after they had eaten it, one of my students came up and said, “Wow, miss, I’m really impressed.” And I was like, “Why?” And he said, “You just seem the type that wouldn’t pepper your eggs because it gets too spicy. But this is good.”

Image source: educatorandrea


Image source: educatorandrea, Irina Iriser/Pexels (not the actual photo)

I tried to tell my students that smoking marij**na was probably not a great choice for their growing brains and bodies. And one of my students said, “Oh, yeah, well, but Egyptians smoked w**d and they built the pyramids.” It’s not the worst argument.


Image source: educatorandrea, Ford Madox Brown (not the actual photo)

I was asking some seniors if they remembered Romeo and Juliet, and one of the kids said, “Yeah, isn’t that who died on the Titanic?” Yes.


Image source: educatorandrea, Ron Lach/Pexels (not the actual photo)

I was observing my student teacher lecture and one of the kids kept interrupting and she finally was like, “Why are you talking?” And the kid looked her straight in the eyes and said, “Why are you talking?”


Image source: educatorandrea, Max Fischer/Pexels (not the actual photo)

My students were coming in and I said, “Guys, have a seat. We’re gonna do a movie today.” And one of my students said, “Oh, dead a*s?” I said, yep, dead… what…

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