20 Of The Worst Situations Dealt By Tech Support Workers

Published 2 years ago

There are many people out there who struggle to understand technical stuff, so they call a tech support guy to help them out. Some folks, in fact, call the tech support people for every minor issue.

Sometimes, the tech support guys have to deal with weird and ridiculous things. The Reddit community, “Tech Support Gore” proves how horrifying their jobs could be. From clustered cables to dead lizards, scroll below to see the annoying and scary stuff the techies have to deal with.

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#1 It’s 2022 And I Hate Sandisk For Still Using A Design Like This

Image source: cgmyt

#2 Some One Dropped This Off, Check That Screen Burn. It’s Off

Image source: flamewingdragon

#3 Before And After Of A Network Switche Refresh For A School District

Image source: TheAmateurRunner

#4 I’m Done For Today

Image source: EastFoxes

#5 I Have Been Wondering Why I Kept Finding Random Ants On My Work Table

Image source: pembalhac

#6 Why Does My Mining Rig Keep Shutting Down?

Image source: HarvestWisp

#7 Why Yes That Is A Hole In The Roof Leaving Their Dp, Switch & Routers Exposed To The Elements!

Image source: Imnotarealdog

#8 Found A Weird And Exotic Cable Back Of My Grandma’s TV

Image source: Cookiee1209

#9 Client Said The Cpu Was Running Hot

Image source: Nambruh

#10 Thanks To Poor Planning, This Is How I Have To Service This Equipment

Image source: sp00nix

#11 Heard We’re Posting Things Found In Projectors? How About Wasps? Customer Claimed “Keeps Overheating”

Image source: LordWoodyMushrome

#12 Cleaning Chromebooks In The School I Work In, This Is 4th Grade. Completely Dead To The World

Image source: Slow_Cryptographer14

#13 Hey, Our Network Is Down, Can You Look Into It? Me: I Think I See The Problem

Image source: smohk1

#14 My Bosses Surfacebook He Refuses To Retire

Image source: cmull123

#15 Ticket States “Student Chromebook Has A Nail Sticking Out Of The Headphone Jack”

Image source: seloid

#16 Had A Feeling This Belonged Here

Image source: robroastbeef

#17 “My PC Gets Slower When I Turn My Space Heater On”

Image source: PatrikMansuri

#18 This Is What A Hard Drive Looks Like When It’s Unfurled

Image source: crubleigh

#19 Please Do Not Turn This Fan Off It Is Keeping 5 Camera Control Units Cool

Image source: Oportunistic_DIY

#20 Phone Gore Saved Leg Gore

Image source: yeahnowukkas

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