45 People Shared The Worst Hotels They Stayed At

Published 5 years ago

Hotels can be the best part of your trip – fluffy sheets, a big bed, and a hearty breakfast can really make your day. However, that can turn upside down quickly, especially if you spot some unexpected guests – like bed bugs. Or mushrooms. Or mold.

People are sharing photos from the worst hotels they had to stay in and the photos will make you want to triple check your room the next time you’re staying in one. From moldy coffee machines to mysterious stains on the towels, check out the sketchiest places people spent the night in in the gallery below!

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#1 And This Is Why You Check The Hotel Coffee Maker Before You Use It

Image source: henryriver

#2 We Have A Really Nice Hotel Room

Image source: wonderless2686

#3 Don’t Stay In A Hotel With Bedbugs

Image source: MustacheEmperor

#4 The Pool At My Hotel In Birmingham, Alabama. Yes, Those Are Toilets

Image source: jasonsmithatlanta

#5 After A Beautiful Day At The Beach In Hawaii, My Cousin Went Back To Her Hotel Room To A Pleasant Surprise

Image source: dom_corleone

#6 I Generally Gauge The Quality Of The Hotel I’m Staying At Based On The Number Of Bite Marks On The Toilet Flusher

Image source: airdanada

#7 My Hotel Room Has Such A Nice View! Wait A Minute

Image source: Nevoska

#8 Airbnb Description Said “View Of The Main Church From The Bedroom Window”. Technically It Was Not A Lie

Image source: Airazz

#9 Ah, Thanks For The Remark!

Image source: pissedoffgc

#10 Heat Lamp Vs. Bathroom Door In My Hotel Room

Image source: AkimboJuuls

#11 Found This Under The Sheets While Crawling Into Bed… Used Hair Extensions?

Image source: famousblinkadam

#12 Saw This In An Elevator Today In A Hotel. Took The Stairs Back Down

Image source: iJoyzilla

#13 The Fitness Room At The Hotel I Stayed At

Image source: PineBadger

#14 Shower At The Hostel My Brother Is Staying At In China

Image source: mortoson

#15 “Quality” Hotel Room. Moscow, A Month Ago

Image source: sphilippou

#16 Found This Waiting In The Bathroom Of My New Hotel Room

Image source: LunaLoves

#17 Found This Under The Mattress In A Hotel

Image source: mind_the_gap

#18 It’s So Humid In Nola, These Little Guys Are Growing In My Hotel Room

Image source: GermanFuckBot

#19 Stayed At A Hotel For Cheap This Weekend. Wasn’t Quite Prepared For This Level Of Sketch

Image source: JMCSD

#20 Checked In To A Hotel And Promptly Checked Out

Image source: gravityblast10

#21 The Jacuzzi At My Hotel

Image source: tha_real_slim_shady

#22 In A Fancy Hotel Restaurant And Found This In The Mixed Nuts They Bring To Your Table While You Wait For Your Food

Image source: kaylaisabel

It’s a Nexium 40 mg tablet.

#23 Flat Screen TV Mounted To An Old Box TV With Packing Tape In A Flea Bag Motel

Image source: jaakobola

#24 My Hotel’s TV

Image source: Luxnoctiss

#25 This Is In My Hostel, Next To My Bed. Thanks For The Warning, I Guess

Image source: chronos42

#26 My Hotel Offers A Kettle And Glasses To Use, But Has A Folder In A Drawer With Rules. One Of Them Says You Have To Pay A Fine If You Use The Kettle

Image source: Feelsave

#27 Apparently The Sheets In My Hotel Room Weren’t Changed

Image source: Cheese_Whiz_Hairgel

#28 This Toilet Wand My Friend Saw At A Hotel

Image source: JuuubalFoster

#29 Walked Into My Hotel Room

Image source: paroslaya

#30 My Hotel’s Treatment Of Their Fish

Image source: Allenjedwards

#31 I Was Settling Into My Hotel Room When I Saw This Growing Out Of The Carpet

Image source: laser_beans

#32 This Is What I Saw When I Checked Into My Hotel Last Night

Image source: TheMostLegendary

#33 Sinkhole Just Developed In My Hotel Room

Image source: cobbers83

#34 I Was Told I Didn’t Have Roommates In My Hotel

Image source: melodyne53

#35 Nothing Screams Quality Hotel Room Like A Hole In The Ceiling With A Napkin Jammed In It

Image source: martynolegs

#36 Do Not Flip Over Your Motel Matress

Image source: iebarnett51

#37 Mushrooms Growing Out Of A Door At The Hotel I Work At

Image source: Husselman

#38 Got Excited From Far Away About The Motel Having A Swimming Pool

Image source: scrane122

#39 My Buddy Went On A Trip To Atlantic City, NJ For The Weekend And This Is What He Found Underneath The Mattress In His Room

Image source: justtakeitEZman

#40 Walked Into My Hotel, And There Happened To Be A Weird Toy Hanging From The Sprinkler

Image source: CleanMyWounds53013

#41 My Hotel Apparently Has Complimentary Dirty Underwear Service

Image source: Robot_Spider

#42 This Hypodermic Needle Found In The Toilet Paper Holder At My Hotel

Image source: pachyzee

#43 This Motel 6 We Are Staying At Tonight. Needless To Say I’ll Never Book Here Again

Image source: i_am_jordan_b

#44 This Is The Pool At My Hotel

Image source: skipmadrid

#45 My Hotel’s Water

Image source: ColeWouldSay

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