30 Times People Were Not Happy With Their Christmas Gifts

Published 8 months ago

Gift-giving can be a delightful experience, but not all presents are met with the same enthusiasm. In a recent Reddit thread, users poured their hearts out, sharing tales of the most cringe-worthy, bizarre, and downright terrible gifts they’ve ever received.

From eyebrow-raising choices to gifts that left them questioning the gifter’s thought process, these anecdotes provide a humorous and often relatable look into the world of awkward gift-giving.

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Image source: Slight_Literature_67, Cynthia Donovan

A gift basket of cucumber-melon bath goods from my ex-MIL. I’m severely allergic to cucumbers and certain types of melons. She knew about my allergies.


Image source: dee62383, jinswoon

I remember this one as a kid. I vaguely remember being a little kid over at my grandmother’s house, and we had a random conversation one day about out how I liked the squishy toilet seats better than the hard toilet seats because they aren’t as cold at night. Well, that year, for my birthday, I excitedly unwrapped the present she gave to me, only to discover…a squishy toilet seat. My grandmother gave me a toilet seat for my birthday. I get the logic but…..really, Nana?


Image source: Fretless-Fingerman, RDNE Stock project

My divorce papers came in the mail on my birthday, does that count?


Image source: yumsilly, Any Lane

The gift I gave them last year.


Image source: Unique-Film-8367, wikipedia.org

Lol my ex bought me a gift card to a steakhouse but I was a vegetarian.


Image source: Buscuitknees, Karolina Grabowska

My mom gave me her high school diploma one year for Christmas when I was 24.


Image source: Inra1nbows, Kenny Eliason

My brother once gave me a half-drunk monster and a gas station gift card with like $.20 on it. We were in our twenties.


Image source: myownbeer, Catt Liu

My niece and nephew gave me a dirty fork a few years back. I still have it in my office being held by my stormtrooper.


Image source: New_Statement7746, Pixabay

A CD of his favorite country western songs. I loath country music.


Image source: Neekyf215, Vlada Karpovich

The time I realised my ex MIL hated me. She told me all the things the family wanted for Xmas and I spent about a hundred dollars on everyone individually. I woke up Xmas morning to see all the presents already opened and breakfast was eaten. One present was under the tree for me; a dog mug. I’m a cat person

Also i was involved in the family/with her son for 5 years at that point. I was out by may


Image source: enriquetta-la-espia

For my 16th birthday, my grandmother gave me a rain bonnet, the kind that is folded like an accordion to the size of a quarter and you buy from a fishbowl on the counter at the drugstore. They are clear plastic and have one snap under the chin. You used to see old ladies with wash and set hairstyles wear them, if they got caught in the rain. It still had the 25-cent price tag on it.

Ten days later, my cousin also turned 16, and granny gave her a new car.


Image source: miss4n6, Nicole Michalou

The first year my husband came to Christmas with me on my dad’s side, my daughter and I each got a gift card and they gave him a ziplock with 2 pics of me as a child. He was like WTAF.


Image source: Life-You9887, penki .ir

My step-dads dad and much younger wife always give us used presents at Christmas.

One year I got a tube of body wash (already a cop out), only to find some crusted product on the squeezy hole.

Another year (13 at the time) I got a pair of Aldi women’s lacy underwear with the size scribbled out (they were XL). The woman came over to me after present time and said ‘I got them for myself but they were too big, I just blacked that out so you didn’t feel embarrassed’

Fkn kuntz I’d rather not get anything than have to say thank you for that


Image source: Drendari, JESHOOTS.com

My mother gifted me her favorite movie on DvD, being full aware that I hated that movie, so she just kept the DvD for herself.


Image source: Fleemo17

One Christmas, as my wife and I visited her dad and step-mom, I was amazed at the gifts bestowed upon her younger half sisters by her folks: new MacBooks and iPhones were among the presents under the tree. As we were leaving, they handed us a gift, which we opened when we got home. What treasure awaited us? A decorative tin from Costco containing flavored popcorn — which had expired two years prior.


Image source: mangoesonaplane, Brent Ozar

My uncle Tommy gave me soap and a razor as a Christmas present when I was 13. Not the best message from my weird uncle to a young girl starting puberty.


Image source: dawli15, wikipedia.org

My sister got my grandfather’s glass eye and what was even better he cut a hole in it and put a string through it so she could wear it as a necklace.


Image source: Metemgee, Kampus Production

It was such a random thing. I was around 7/8 I think I really wanted a doodle bear for my bday. My ‘aunt’, whom I share a bday with asked me a bunch of time leading up to my bday what I wanted. I finally told her I was hoping for this bear mostly bc she kept asking, prior I’d always keep it polite ‘oh ty whatever you get I’m sure I will love’ ‘you don’t have to get me anything’ yadda yadda bc that how my folks raised us. So my bday is in the summer so we’d normally have a pretty big bbq. Mostly everyone gives money and my siblings and I never really expected things from ppl other than our parents, but I noticed my aunt came in with a gift bag so I was low key excited. I got a new bike, super exciting, and I go to open her gift and it is a castle statue, like those ones you would get at the dollar store in the 90’s. I couldn’t hide my reaction…confusion. I politely sd thank you and moved on. As they day went on my aunt asked me where I was going to put the statue? She told me it deserved to be showcased. Went on about how she loves it and knew it was something I would want.

Her kid’s bday was a few weeks after they had a party, my sibling went to dollar store bought another castle and told my parents she got the gift already. When my aunt saw the castle her daughter got her face was priceless. My sibling told her ‘you told us how much youh loved the one you got for metemgee so much we thought we’d get daughter one also’


Image source: meganhughess, PV_Pathfinder

Not to me, but a coworker was gifted a colon cleanse kit.


Image source: beachblanketparty, Towfiqu barbhuiya

I had a Grandma who was obsessed with dieting & consistently attempted to give me advice & try to get me to diet as an overweight teen. One birthday I got a threadbare XXXL shirt from her she picked up at a thrift store & coupons for what was known then as “diet” bread. I was maybe a Large in shirts at the time and was very insulted. I remember unwrapping the box she mailed to me with family around and my father, her son, saying something along the lines of “Christ Mom, why do you act like this with my kids?!” out loud.


Image source: DaOleRazzleDazzle, Waldemar

An already-scratched off lottery ticket…that lost.


Image source: Rose-Heartt, cottonbro studio

For a secret Santa I received two free promotional tickets to the science museum that had already expired.


Image source: troublexing, Chris Karidis

My mom forgot my birthday one year & bought me a pond light from the thrift shop. it immediately started to smoke & almost caused a house fir. We don’t have a pond.


Image source: Several_Time_, amanda kelso

A fur hat, for me. A vegan. An expansive spa day when I was heavily pregnant (no sauna, no hot steam, basically just the pool) Thanks hubby, you really know me.


Image source: Ambitious-Leopard-67, Centre for Ageing Better

My late father gave my husband and myself walking canes. We’re both able-bodied.


Image source: doublestitch, Freddie Collins

An expensive and lovely gift basket full of gourmet foods, none of which I could eat because of life threatening food allergies. The person who gave it knew about the allergies.


Image source: Fluffy-Hotel-5184, Victoria Berman

a beautiful angora sweater that was 4 sizes too small and I couldnt exchange it. he wouldnt tell me where he got it.


Image source: signalstonoise88

When I was in my late 20s, I received a r*pe alarm key ring from my mother in law at Christmas. For context, I’m a 6-foot tall, fairly muscular bloke. We laugh about it now. She saw “personal alarm” and remembered my wife saying how bad I was at getting up in the mornings; it never occurred to her it wasn’t an alarm *clock* of some description!


Image source: usernameemma

My boyfriend once got gifted scrabble from EVERYONE for his birthday. As in, celebrated his birthday with his parents, scrabble, went to visit his cousins, scrabble, went to visit his grandparents, scrabble, he got seven copies of scrabble for his birthday, and no, it was not a funny prank or something, literally just the entire family got him scrabble without checking what other people were getting him. The kicker? He hates scrabble.


Image source: Jenny010137

My now ex sister in law gave me a clear makeup bag. She made sure to tell me that it was free with her purchase, and that she had thrown it away, but fished it out of the trash to give to me.

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