30 Spine-Chilling Pics That Show Mother Nature’s Dark Side

Published 1 year ago

Mother nature can be awe-inspiring with her beauty and wonders. However, there are instances when nature reveals its darker and more eerie side, leaving us with spine-chilling encounters that defy explanation.

Today we have collected some pics of unsettling experiences people have had while venturing into the great outdoors. From mysterious weather phenomena to encounters with bizarre creatures, these stories will give you a glimpse into the creepy side of nature.

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#1 Gators At Night In Florida

Image source:  bobbywummerphotography

#2 Asperitas Clouds – Gorham, NH

Image source: Crystal Lee

#3 The Security Sytem, Striking At Crime, One Lock At A Time

Image source: Fritzkreig, old.reddit.com

#4 Let’s Go Paddle Boarding, They Said

Image source: James Taylor

#5 Was Mowing The Lawn And Discovered This Absolute Unit Of A Stick Insect, ~35cm

Image source: DerangedDog1

#6 I Keep My Duck Eggs In My Pantry And Heard A Lot Of Commotion In There And Found This

Image source: Rezenebe, Rezenebe

Second picture – another view of the pantry snakes. Slowly digesting the fresh duck egg.

#7 Giant Male Dobsonfly

Image source: GoldenChinchilla

#8 I Saw Some Ants Carrying A Glove Up A Lamp

Image source: ri4nn3

#9 Don’t Know Whether To Put The Drying Clothes Back Inside Or Repent From My Sins

Image source: JoyfulAccuracy

#10 Mother-Centipede Hugging Her Babies

Image source: Get_Win

#11 This Banana Blossom

Image source: PepperMillCam

#12 These Clouds That Look Like The Ocean

Image source: iwanttogoh0me

#13 Was About To Sleep When I Found This Guy On My Pillow

Image source: rometickles

#14 Mushrooms Growing Off Of A Stuffed Bear

Image source: Mush4Brains-

#15 Found In A House In Eastern Oregon (High Desert Area). Described As “Oozing” When Touched

Image source: ecanem63

#16 About To Start My Home Workout And Saw This Guy Hanging Out On My Deadball (Australia)

Image source: Mentiroso1

#17 One Of The Weirdest Things I’ve Caught In My House (Southern California)

Image source: RC-Compton

#18 Sioux Falls, SD Turned Green (No Filter) During A Huge Storm Tonight

Image source: SoDakZak

#19 Was Told To Post Him Here. Just Casually Chilling In Our Beach House Bathroom

Image source: ilyket

#20 Look At This Turtle! It Surfaced By The Boat

Image source: Niemeyer’s Rugged River Resort

#21 The Horrific Mouth Of A Lamprey (Bloodsucking Parasite). This One Was Over 120cm (47”) Long And As Thick As A Man’s Arm

Image source: monster_fish_taxidermy

Their mouth is full of razor-sharp spikey teeth designed to attach themselves to a fish. It then use its tongue (which also has many teeth on it!) to bore into the flesh of fish and drink their blood. Sometimes they also attack humans.

#22 Tarantula Infected With Cordycipitaceae

Image source: Ian Suzuki

#23 You Don’t See This Every Day – A Catfish Eating An Armadillo

Image source: Pablo_The_Diablo

#24 A Spider Came Back To Molt In The Same Place On A Book 4 Times

Image source: Yoddlydoddly

#25 The Snapdragon Flower When It Dies

Image source: ICantTyping

#26 At A Nature Park We Decided To Go To A Bird Show. The Young Boy In The Green Kept Pulling His Zipper Up And Down. The Wedge-Tailed Eagle Did Not Like It

Image source: 55chris

And instead of flying over to the log he is meant to for a photo opportunity he flew straight at the young boy. The show was quickly canceled and the boy was taken off to first aid. Those talons are huge he was a very lucky young boy.

#27 Wasps Emerging From A Statue

Image source: EXTSZombiemaster

#28 It Has The Body Of A Spider And Wings Of A Moth – (Northeast Oklahoma) Fat Moth Or Butterfly (Flying Tarantula)

Image source: NerJaro

#29 Crack Near Where I Live

Image source: fartfan141

#30 My Friend’s Plant That Looks Like Tarantula’s Legs

Image source: officialdiscoking

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