Photographer Photographs Her Friends In 2000 And Then In 2017 Again, Shows The Incredible Difference 17 Years Make

Published 7 years ago

College reunions might be something you dread, hate, avoid or the complete opposite – look forward to with excitement. For Josephine Sittenfeld, a photographer based in Providence, college reunion was the spark she needed that inspired her series of portraits she simply called “Reunion.”

17 years ago, then a junior at Princeton University, the photographer took pictures of her friends that later never saw the light of day. She remembered them in time for the reunion and decided to recreate them in the present day. The result is casual yet unique-looking diptychs that perfectly capture stages of adulthood.

There is a significant difference that the viewer can sense in the side-by-side pictures, that lies in the way the subjects are carrying themselves. “At twenty, I felt something intangible, indescribable, full of energy,” Sittenfeld’s former roommate told The New Yorker. “Only now am I able to describe it—the ultimate sensing of a life ahead.” The carelessness and bold confidence they had in their student days in the photos taken today are replaced by relief and trust; they don’t seem to have put up the same guard anymore.

Scroll down below to see the project.

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#1 Sophie

Image source: Josephine Sittenfeld

#2 Ellie Kemper From “The Office”

Image source: Josephine Sittenfeld

#3 Larry

Image source: Josephine Sittenfeld

#4 Ethan

Image source: Josephine Sittenfeld

#5 Becky

Image source: Josephine Sittenfeld

#6 Eveline

Image source: Josephine Sittenfeld

#7 Anna

Image source: Josephine Sittenfeld

#8 Tenley And Ryan

Image source: Josephine Sittenfeld

#9 Aili

Image source: Josephine Sittenfeld

#10 Katie And Amanda

Image source: Josephine Sittenfeld


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