20 Examples Of ‘Movie Logic’ That Would Never Work In Real Life

Published 4 years ago

Let’s face it – sometimes even the most realistic of movies feature things that are a little out of touch with reality. You know, like showing women waking up with a face full of makeup or giving birth to 4-month-old babies. And the list doesn’t end there.

Reddit user UK-NeilPatel recently asked people to share some annoying unrealistic things that they often see in movies, and the internet delivered. In just two weeks their thread received over 8,000 responses with people posting numerous tropes we see in almost every movie – check out some of the most annoying ones in the gallery below!

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Image source: DownwardLazy

Women in fight scenes with their hair down. Girl, tie it back I know you can’t see s**t.


Image source: bb1950328

Can you hack this super secure server?’ *ten seconds of hitting random letter keys on the keyboard* ‘I’m in.


Image source: Biriniri

Post apocalyptic women with clean shaven underarms.


Image source: PunchyPractitioner

Fight scenes with multiple attackers. They’re all so polite, waiting for their friends to get their ass kicked before engaging. In reality you get jumped by everyone at the same time.


Image source: Anthrosite

Mom has prepared a feast that could feed half the neighborhood, but it’s only for her two small children and her husband, who is already late for work and takes a single piece of toast on his way out the door.


Image source: YellowStar012

Going to Latin America. quick, put the yellow filter!.


Image source: HorseMeatSandwich

A part-time waitress or administrative assistant sure as s**t isn’t affording a beautiful two-bedroom apartment alone in any major city. Or you get the family where only the father works at an okay 9–5 but is somehow able to afford a $1.5 million house in California and raise four kids on a single income. I want to live in that world.


Image source: ladies-pmme-nudespls

Good guy jumps behind some furniture and the bad guys unloads 1000 rounds into it and none of them go through. What the f**k is that couch made of!?


Image source: mywifemademegetthis

“I’ve got a plan”

“Great. What is it?”

“No time. Just trust me.”


A: “I have something important to tell you. It’s about the Jones case.”

B: “What’s up? What’d you find?”

A: “Can’t talk now. Meet me tomorrow at 9.”

B: “A! Tell me what’s going on!”

A: “No, not now. Tomorrow at 9.”

A is found murdered the next morning, B is haunted by conversation. Sets off on worldwide mission to solve the murder and uncover the cover-up.

Image source: barbancourt5star


Image source: Eevee027

Doctors doing everything in medical settings. Scanning the patient, setting up IV’s, interpreting brain MRI’s. Nurses who? Radiographers what?


Image source: likethatwookie

In fires nobody dies of smoke inhalation. They’ll be in there for ages, merrily chatting away, coughing, miraculous escape (lifting a burning beam out the way maybe), they get outside and are fine! Maybe a smudge of soot on the face and a cough then on their merry way.


Image source: ToGrillAMockingbird

Cop looking at blurry CCTV image

Cop: “Can you clean up the image?”

Nerd: “Sure, computer enhance sector theta 6”

crystal clear image appears on screen

Cop: “Oh my god”


Image source: Darth_Mufasa

Gunfire indoors or inside cars and everyone can hear fine afterwards

Big explosions that throw people around but have no shrapnel

Windows that can be jumped through without shredding your skin

People traversing through air ducts


Image source: CallMeTDD

Women giving birth to giant, four month old babies.


Image source: IRatherChangeMyName

Someone being hit in the head, loses consciousness, and two minutes later getting up as if nothing happened.


Image source: orexinbaby

Punching four people in the face and not feeling anything. I’ve been in a fight and won. Even then it hurts like hell. No one ‘wins’ in a fight, they just get injured the least.


Image source: I_hate_traveling

People can talk and hear each other in clubs or loud bars without any issues.


Women waking up in bed with a full face of makeup.

I’m talking winged eyeliner and fuchsia lipstick. I seriously want to know who makes those decisions in the makeup department smh.

Image source: SquilliamFancySon95


Image source: Not—Really

People yanking their IV away from their arm. B**ch that will tear up you vein and f**k you up.

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