20 People Share Incredible Things That Sound Made Up But That They Swear They Actually Saw

Published 2 years ago

When we were young, we loved to imagine stories and, sometimes, tell them to our parents. Being children allowed us to imagine things that no one could envision. As unbelievable as they seem, a unicorn, a flying cow, or a singing hamster would always keep us entertained and happy.

However, things feel wrong when we become adults. Seeing something out of the ordinary can make us feel creeped out. Even worse, nobody would believe us if we told them. Below, we’ll read similar tales of twenty adults who saw strange things that seemed unbelievable but actually happened in real life (at least, according to them).

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Image source: Rusty_Mojo_88, Ryan Klaus

My boss and I were out having a smoke, we looked up and saw this bright pink jet. As we were watching, it flew into a small cloud but never came out the other side. There weren’t a lot of clouds that day, and none near the one that the jet flew into.


Image source: jswb, Toms Baugis

Random man in a bunny suit in my backyard. Called my wife and she saw it too. Called my in-laws downstairs (they were staying over for the weekend) and they thought we were crazy when we said this man jumped over the fence like a f****n deer


Image source: brittwelshcols23, Karolina Grabowska

An alpaca. At my apartment. In the parking lot.

It was when I first lived here. I was walking at night, just trying to decompress after a long day. And there it was, just walking across the parking lot. I literally couldn’t even believe it myself and was too frozen to snap a pic.


Image source: princeJordan0, J Surianto

I saw a bird land on top of another bird mid flight


Image source: lilithneverevee, Oleksandr Pidvalnyi

I swear I saw a monkey swinging through trees that were on the side of a major intersection growing up (southern USA). No one believed me but to this day I know what I saw and can’t think of another explanation.

Eta sorry I typed this late at night. I meant to say major interstate not intersection ?


Image source: that-which-is-better, Skyler Ewing

I swear I’m not insane, but I was walking home from high school 9 years ago and I saw something that I absolutely can’t understand that freaked me out badly. I was coming to a crosswalk and across the 2 lane street I saw a distinctive looking girl maybe a little older than me wearing a white dress, and she had a cocker spaniel puppy on a leash that was just sitting on the sidewalk. I looked away while I was watching for traffic and crossed over to her side, and when I looked up I kind of jumped because the girl in the white dress was now maybe in her late 60s and her dog was a very old, graying cocker spaniel.

I don’t have eyesight problems and I seriously am certain of what I saw. I still wouldn’t tell anyone I know because there’s no way they would believe me. The only explanation I can feel comfortable with is *maybe* hallucination, but that’s never happened to me before or since.


Image source: Vicimer, Kelsey James

My cat jumped up onto a shelf that we didn’t think he could get to, where we hid his cat food. I walked in and saw him eating it, and someone had left a cracker beside the bowl. He paused, took a huge bite of the cracker, then continued with the cat food. Nobody believed that he ate a cracker. He also ate my sister’s chocolate Santa one year.


Image source: thomas_newton, Darius Krause

A cyclist stop for a red light in London.


Image source: Whind_Soull, Mihai Bența

About ten years ago, I was looking out my grandmother’s back door. Two squirrels were playing in the yard.

A hawk swooped down and grabbed one. As it was batting its wings and gaining altitude, the other squirrel raced up a nearby tree, leapt off, rocketed down into God’s Own Death From Above, and rescued his friend by curb-stomping the hawk out of the air.

They both ran away and the hawk limped off in confusion.


Image source: beatsbeingbroke, dylan nolte

i was watching the local lottery draw on tv and vocally called out every correct number before the ball was shown


Image source: Pichwademeinkauntha, Pixabay

This is from Bangalore, India.

One of the quirks of the city’s climate is the occasional isolated spots of heavy rain. There’s a running joke of ‘When you say its raining in Bangalore, do mention which locality and street too.’

So one summer in the late 90’s, my friend and I were in the outskirts of the city, we saw a small crowd blocking the highway. There was a rain front slowly passing across the road, and the people were watching that spectacle. One side of the road was dry while the other side had heavy rain.

So we stopped the bike, cooly got down and took shelter beforehand. And from that comfortable vantage point, we saw a parked goods van whose one side was rainy while the other side was dry. Took 5 seconds for the van to be rained on fully, and another 10 seconds for us to be completely surrounded by rain.

Till date, my memory of this is in a super clear slow motion while my friend doesn’t even recall this incident.

Edit: Looks like it is not an exceedingly rare phenomenon, and encountered across various climatic zones. We just have to be at the right place and the right time to sight it.


Image source: chunky-flufferkins, California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Mountain Lion. Driving home with my grandpa in the late afternoon, swear I saw one on the edge of the tree line of a field maybe 60 yards away.


Image source: oceanasazules, ArtHouse Studio

UFO’s. I wasn’t alone. All I know is we saw multiple unidentified objects .. flying. To this day I don’t have any explanation.


Image source: SuperDropBear, Kaboompics .com

Babysitting my nephews at my sisters place when I was a teenager. They were in bed asleep and I was the only other person in the house.

Sitting in the living room watching TV with a clear line of sight to the kitchen sink when both taps turned on by themselves. nobody could have gotten to those taps without me seeing them.

Still one of the freakiest things I have experienced.


Image source: tjeepdrv2, Ben Tesch

I was about to walk in the front door around midnight and saw an explosion way up in the sky. The flash was so bright that for a fraction of a second everything went daylight. I called a few people that I knew were still up and out, but nobody had seen anything.

A couple of weeks later, I mentioned it to someone and he said “That’s funny, someone was telling me how a satellite exploded a couple of weeks ago and it was an explosion with a bright flash.”


Image source: promnitedumpstrbaby, daveoratox

I was in the Navy and when I was on liberty in Guam, I was at a food court. I was counting my change and I dropped a dime to the tile floor. It landed on its edge in the grout between two tiles. I had witnesses, but this was during the time before camera phones. Obviously I wasn’t carrying a camera to the Exchange food court either.


Image source: yourremedy94, Friderike

When my sister and I were children, we were riding in the car on the thruway to the airport. I looked out the window and swear I saw a pitchfork flying through the air.

Actually brought this up a couple months ago to her.

My sister saw it too.


Image source: Kalistoga, Dominika Roseclay

Growing up, my brother’s and I used to have this running joke about how the neighbor’s kids never grow up. I’m now in my late 30’s and when I went to visit my parents recently, I caught a glimpse of the neighbors outside. Their whole family still looks the same, including the kids who are still kids. I wish I had photos of them from the past to do a past and present comparison.


Image source: metblack85, Jan Kopřiva

I was on a houseboat with my family in the Thousand Islands (St Lawrence River in Canada). We’d docked on one of the tiny islands for the night. A branch cracks loudly over the boat, and a snake that (to me at that age) looked to be the size of the snake in the film Anaconda fell from a tree and landed across the boat. It splashed down into the water and swam away.

Everyone I told believed it was a snake but nobody believed how huge it was.


Image source: JustForGirlTalkish, Lisa Fotios

This is going to sound so childish, so bear with me.

When I was about 13, I was severely bullied, between the fact that my clothes were all second-hand, my mother was too caught up in f*****g her way down the alphabet to teach me how to groom or do makeup, and I hadn’t yet grown into curves, so I was just a chunky weird girl with frizzy hair.

Because of this, I got OBSESSED with fantasy worlds. LOTR was my initial escape, and then I began writing.

This is when I saw the movie Fairy Tale, and I read up on it as much as I could. I vehemently believed in fairies. I lived in Germany at the time, only a couple miles from a castle. I made fairy houses in the trees outside and in the blackberry bushes on a trail to the library.

One day, my sister and I were walking home for dinner. This gold figure, about 3 inches high, flew in front of us, hovered for a moment, and flew off, leaving an honest-to-god golden trail of glitter behind it. We looked at each other for a couple minutes, and she goes, “Did you see that too?”

Nobody will ever probably see this, or believe it, but I swear it HAPPENED. Never saw anything like it since. There was no face or anything, it was just like this glowing golden roughly humanoid shaped golden thing with wings.

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