20 Things Younger Generations No Longer Want To Hear From Older People, Shared In This Online Community

Published 2 years ago

Arguments and disagreements are inevitable, and they may happen among anyone, no matter the age, status, gender, and whatnot. Yet, there are some universal topics that people belonging to the older generation like to nag the younger ones about. The most common subjects include getting one’s own place to live, starting a family, or not working hard enough for their age.

This Reddit thread shows that youngsters are sick and tired of hearing the same nagging and rebukes about their way of living from the older folks. User baker10923 turned to the younger people of Reddit and asked, “What are you tired of hearing from older generations?” With 55k upvotes and 28k comments, Redditors delivered remarks that make their blood boil.

Do you get annoyed hearing these things? What else would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

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Image source: oliferro, popofatticus

“You just have to work harder if you want to buy a house, that’s what I did”

Yeah, well I don’t make 50% of the price of a house a year, like you did


Image source: alehel, Coryn Wolk

How we can’t fix anything ourselves. Then promptly ask us to fix their WiFi, set up their new phone and figure out why their computer is running slow.

We can do plenty, we just have a different skill set!


Image source: greensandgrains, Ali Edwards

– I don’t work hard enough (I’ve been employed as long as I’ve legally been able to work, balancing up to 3 jobs at a time…but sure)

– I’m old, i.e., too old to be loved (tons of problems with that, but also, I’m 31?! That’s not old)

– I expect too much (yea, decent pay, decent and affordable housing. Totally a spoiled brat).

– I’m immature because I don’t want bio children (I’d argue it’s a sign of my maturity that I know myself well enough to not have kids)

– My standards in relationships are too high (not to be abused by partners/friends/employers…if that’s high bar, I’m speechless).


Image source: dumbest_thotticus, Jasmine Kaloudis

Anything to the effect of “young people can’t have back pain (or any other physical disability).” Like, dude, I *wish* being in my twenties made me immune to being injured. But that’s literally just not how the human body works.


Image source: Reasonable_Ad7619, Mike Mozart

“No one wants to work” we want to work just not for poverty wages


Image source: datmarimbaplayer, Shyn Darkly

Just had someone the other day ask me “so why arent you married?”
I’m like.. if i met someone worth marrying, then I would!


Image source: Philcoman, Curtis Foreman

I’m 64 and I’m really tired of listening to people my age whine about stuff that younger people do.

* It definitely was NOT better when we were kids;
* a phone isn’t that f-ing hard to figure out;
* It’s not that nobody talks anymore; it’s just that nobody wants to talk to *you.*


Image source: SmilingIsNotEnough, Philip Tellis

“When I was your age, I already had 5 kids and two grandchildren” or “My granddaughter is your age and she already has 3 kids. When are you going to give you mom some grandkids?!”.

I’m 30. Not that old, not that young. But this kind of comment? Definitely old for me. I’m so tired of older ladies saying this. I think I wasn’t even 18 when they started! They don’t accept any reasonable answer that isn’t a “I’m working on it”. A “maybe later” or “I’m doing my best to get a steady career before having kids” or “we are saving”? Gets them on a rampage saying some bs about kids not costing a thing and that I’m getting old or that women were born to be mothers or whatever… So I started being rude. Sorry, but not sorry.


Image source: photoguy423, El Tuercas

I’m tired of people complaining about how younger people are terrible as though they weren’t the ones that raised those younger people to be what they are.


Image source: Fairyburger, libraryrachel

That I’m wasting my entire purpose as a woman because I don’t want kids.


Image source: cruiserman_80, David Hilowitz

I’m not younger, but I’m fed up with some older people expecting gratitude “for all that they have done” while taking zero responsibility for the problems that they will leave future generations.


Image source: lipp79, Timothy Vollmer

“Don’t believe everything you see on the internet”
~ my parents when I was a teenager in the late 90s

Now I have to tell my parents that.


Image source: lilasantanico, Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar

“just start saving! you’ll be able to buy a house in no time”


Image source: Tuba_Crusader, Henry Burrows

“Your generation is sensitive and weren’t taught hard work” yall literally raised us, how is it our faults.


Image source: zingingcutie30, Patricia Barcala

I’m 32 so not young not old but definitely hate hearing s**t like for example my bfs dad saying he didn’t know he raised 3 girls when he found out my bf and his brother drink tea.


Image source: like5or6, jennicatpink

Pull yourself up by your boot straps and work harder.

Buddy, I’ve been working 60+ hours a week and prices keep going up and my pay is not and I actually cannot afford to change jobs, change my living situation, buy a more fuel-efficient car, or go to college. There actually is no out. There is no work harder and I’ll make it. I’m literally in the poverty trap. I’m slowly making my way out of it but it’s going to be a long a*s time unless some other opportunity magically appears. College isn’t the price of a McDouble anymore old man.


Image source: InsertGamerName, Jan Fidler

“When you’re older you’ll agree with me.”

Ffs just because you’re older doesn’t mean you’re always right or that you know the answers to all my life’s problems. You grew up in a different time period, with different problems, and different social views. Your problems might be similar, and you might be right some of the time, but that is no excuse to shut down every logical point I make against your beliefs with this line.


Image source: Scarlet_Anne, Jake Ledbetter

“You should really buy a house and settle down”

I’m bloody well trying Karen. Just cause you bought your house in the ’60s for 40k and a blueberry, off your husband’s salary, whilst you were a stay at home mom, then sold it for 600k this year to retire off of- Doesn’t mean that it’s the same for this generation, right now. Far from it in fact. Just. Shut up.


Image source: dreamingofhogwarts, Mike Arney

They’re so judgemental and rude. I’m a restaurant worker and I swear young people are way more polite and easy going while older people have zero patience (even though they’re the ones who are already retired), oftentimes make racist, sexist, homophobic and bodyshaming comments and still act like they’re above the younger generation simply because they’ve been alive for longer.


Image source: TheCrazySandshrew, Mike Burns

“The young people always just want to Drink and go to partys”
1. No
2. Don’t pretend like you didn’t do this, too lol

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